Blogosphere Review - 30. 12. 07 - Profit Hunter

1. Max posted Russian WordPress 2. 3. 2.

In addition to directly updating the files, Maxim added support for the My Category Order plugin (and the plugin itself) and as an experiment, added the plugin of Yuri Beloitsky in his modification. This plugin displays modified files on the bulletin board.

2. Maul spoke about the method of promoting content projects.

With this method you can raise many internal pages in a simple and automated way.

3. Sergey Zhukovsky shared the secret of how to make a blogroll in the style of Win-Win.

A simple way to make your blog more interesting and thank other bloggers. All you need is standard WordPress tools, Yandex Blogs and Feedburner.

4. Dimok has published an article on reputation management.

If you do not talk to your customers, customers will start talking about you. This seminar is about how to monitor, control and influence your reputation in the blogosphere and the press.

5. The uncluttered Optimizer gave 10 tips to novice SEO bloggers.

1. The first post will certainly tell you how you decided to make money on your own car / apartment / island (underline the appropriate). Then mention that in Internet marketing you are not yet aware of anything, but are firmly convinced that by the end of next year the coveted car / apartment / island will appear in your pocket ...

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