Blogosphere Review - 30. 03. 08 - Profit Hunter

1. Dimok pleased with 9th SEO plugins for Firefox.

Such a useful reviewer is πŸ™‚

2. Hodinar told about the organization of the grid of blogs on WordPress and crossposting.

"In general, this method does not use anything new, certain aspects have long been described and discussed, but nevertheless, the scheme allows you to conveniently manage a network of blogs, to receive without much time and effort a number of external links sufficient for more less rapid indexing. ”

3. A complete list of domain zones from the Crimean Bum.

Look, it may be useful for a future white project. Some exotic zones allow you to create good domain names. In general, I have already added this list to my bookmarks.

4. SEO-Writer wrote about how to work with Google News and how to create an advertisement like peel away.

If you want to bite off a large traffic pie with Google News and / or try another means of monetizing your website / blog / splog, then you are here

5. Globator posted detailed instructions on crossposting.

A great addition to the article by Hodinar (see above).

Here’s a little reviewer.

It seems to me, or with the arrival of spring many bloggers (not counting Davydov) began to write less often (including me)? Kass disappeared somewhere ...

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