Blogosphere Review - 27. 01. 08 - Profit Hunter

1. Kass this week proved himself a real workaholic. How to make the right anchors; how to ask questions in order to get an answer; How to add contextual advertising in WordPress ...

Very informative. An article about how to ask questions correctly is required to read. Especially for beginners.

2. Network optimist looked at freelancing through the eyes of a mercenary and an employer.

According to the author, freelancing is an exceptional benefit (I fully support). In the posts of the Network Optimist you will find not only lists of advantages of this type of activity, but also a list of useful resources where you can order someone else’s services or offer your own.

3. Maul spoke about the possibilities of the program Yazzle.

In particular, how to clean the list of links from Sape from unindexed pages and pages that are under the nepot filter.

4. Sergey Zhukovsky shared his “habit of 5 days.”

"I have a very useful habit, in my opinion. Every Monday I write myself a plan for the week. And at the beginning I write 5 things that must be done in order to improve my business. ”

5. Unique person and Dimox jointly launched a new project - a blog about browsers.

"The purpose of this blog is to share with readers useful and informative information regarding popular and not very Internet browsers, which, in fact, may be of interest to many, because each of us, Internet users, always uses or a browser. ”

6. Ognelis introduced two useful extensions for Firefox: Yet Another Smooth Scrolling and Faviconize Tab.

The first addon allows you to make scrolling in FireFox smoother, and the second reduces the width of the tab to the size of the icon.

7. And the SEO Critic just burned out. If you don’t know yet where to send Equal characters, you should definitely read this post. 🙂

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