Blogosphere Review - 24. 02. 08 - Profit Hunter

1. Alexander Fedorov told how you can make an impenetrable form without a captcha.

Bad for spammers? How to get rid of them, read from Alexander.

2. Kass made a review of the “Live Broadcast” Yandex parser and burned the topic of how to get to the top of the query “buy viagra”.

About the parser for an amateur, but how to get to the top for such high-frequency queries, you need to know everything, therefore, I strongly recommend to familiarize you with 😉

3. GTFO shared a step-by-step manual on making money from scratch (+ part 2) in Runet.

If you are still tormented by the question of where to start, and where to earn the first “happy 10 cents” (s), read the Weber manual.

4. The Globator spoke about promoting the press site Releases.

"A press release is an official announcement about a company, achievement, event, event, or other occasion. Of course, in most cases, press releases are used to promote the websites of companies: online stores, travel agency sites, corporate sites, design studios, etc. ”

5. Evil gave advice to beginners about trading domains.

This is what you will learn from this article:

  • where it is better to register domains;
  • which errors should be avoided at the beginning;
  • where park domains, traffic types (domain parking).

6. Svetlana Olishevskaya made a video of how to make money with Google Adsense (+ part 2).

Although both videos are dedicated to contextual advertising, Michael Cheney’s tips (author of the video) can be applied to any other element on the site that you want to draw the visitor’s attention to.

7. Dimox talked about how to deal with spam with CSS.

Another way to get rid of comment spam. (Taki got the authors such comments 🙂)

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