Blogosphere Review - 18. 02. 08 - Profit Hunter

1. Hodinar shared the working base of RSS directories.

"I collected the lists of RSS directories / services walking around on blogs the other day to which I could add my feed, added my own, and then walked through the list. 90% were not working. As a result, there were few workers, threw out as well, where complicated registration is necessary for adding (there is nothing to lose), it remains ... ”

2. Kass laid out 54 templates for successful contextual advertising.

Templates in English.

If anyone does not know, Kass distributes links from his Blogroll. You still have two days to submit an application.

3. Ilya Rabch Enok has compiled a list of 160+ resources where you can add your blog.

No comment Изуч. We study, use.

4. BoltLOG published an interview with Simon Lupanov aka Svift.

"Imagine: Semen Lupanov aka svift, 29 years old, a former professional soldier, officer. At the beginning of our conversation, Simon asks not to associate him with the SERPs, but it was their study, as well as the advice of Mauser, that was the reason for this interview. ”

5. The despicable Moneymaker talked about how to increase the blog's audience through an e-mail list.

Detailed and easy-to-follow guidance on how to create a newsletter on free services like Subscribe. ru.
6. Egorych talked about how to get into the issue on requests define and what is .

In other words, an article on how to make a dictionary on the site and climb up the "dictionary" queries.

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