Blogosphere Review - 16. 03. 08 - Profit Hunter

1. Dimok has provided a list of western social programs for SEO utility.

"The rating reflects how useful the listed social networks can be for website promotion in search engines. The most important indicators of social networks are taken into account. It is worth noting that the attendance of social networks in this rating is only one of the criteria and is far from the most important. Don't be surprised. ”

2. Anton Popov wrote about what was needed and what not to do when writing a letter asking a blogger.

“ It’s too bad when your letter asks blogger - the first contact with him. People often write to me, whom I have not met either among the subscribers of the newsletter, or in my friends on social networks, or in the commentators of my blogs. This applies not only to companies, but also to some individuals. If someone writes, “I’ve started a new blog \ project here. Write about it!”, I’m not likely to go straight to meet a stranger. ”

3. Globator told how to speed up adding sites to social bookmarks.

A great addition to the above mentioned article Dimka.

4. Davydov shared his thoughts on why he is not the smartest.

Must read!

5. Arser posted a list of favorite hosts and registrars.

"SEO newcomers often ask the question - which hosting is better to choose, where is the best place to register domains? Making the initial choice is really not easy, because it will depend on the performance of your sites. Of course, there are many companies that provide excellent service, they are fighting for their clients, and each webmaster has his own preferences. Just tell you what I personally use more than one year. ”

6. Alexander Fedorov told how the state can be used as a content provider.

For those who are looking for databases and / or content for sites with thousands and tens of thousands of pages, that's the thing.

7. Dmitry SMART wrote that attracts thousands of natural links and tons of traffic.

"Increasing the link mass by getting natural (I’m emphasizing just natural) incoming links to our site is a useful and effective thing from the point of view of promoting any site. Be it a blog or a site of your corporation.”

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