Blogosphere Review - 13. 01. 08 - Profit Hunter

This week has become incredibly fruitful for bloggers. It seems that after the holidays I wanted to work 🙂

1. The Network Optimist teaches newbies to earn $ 20 a day.

The tips are quite simple both in understanding and in application. The main thing - do not be lazy.

2. Kass is divided into a free keyword selection script and a database of 1551 English-language directories.

Do not forget to thank the black-and-white optimizer for such generous gifts 🙂

3. Dimok lists celebrity services and talks about how to get more comments on the blog.

The first post is practically useful, the second is clear - by this time it has already received 54 (!) Comments.

4. A unique person gives advice on how to protect articles from a blog or RSS.

If you have a dream that sploggers rip off your posts and “forget” to put a back link, the tips of the Unique Person will be very useful to you.

5. And just funny Google Adwords from Stu-dio. ru.

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