Blogosphere Review - 10. 02. 08 - Profit Hunter

1. Max posted the next WordPress update.

We download and say thanks to Maxim.

2. Alexander Fedorov wrote a note about blog capitalism.

Be sure to read those that want to make money on niche blogs.

3. SEO Critic is a few tips on how to make a 404th page template.

SEO Critic's useful tips are supplemented by examples of the most successful, in the opinion of the author, pages with the 404th error.

4. Network Optimist has provided links to non-standard templates for Blogspot. com.

"When creating blogs on the free blogger. Com service (also known as blogspot. Com), we want to make them unique, not similar to others. How to stand out from the crowd. And with this, templates help us. Standard set of templates quite limited, access to the choice of one of the standard templates can be obtained through the blog control panel. ”

In general, the week was rather lazy, so there were few useful posts.

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