Blogosphere Review - 08. 01. 08 - Profit Hunter

Last week was not very active, which, incidentally, is understandable 🙂, but there is something to choose from:

1. Dmitry S. M. A. R. R. T. engaged in monitoring SEO blogs of Runet.

Its RSS feed allows you to conveniently monitor all SEO blogs on the Runet for new posts, burned topics and interesting materials. In addition, this feed is a good source of traffic for bloggers.

2. Kass shared a secret on how to increase the TCI without monthly payments

In this article, Kass spoke about the thematic citation index (TCI) provided by Yandex, which determines the "credibility" of Internet resources, taking into account the quality characteristics of links to them from others sites. The author did not disclose any super secrets, but this information will be very useful for beginners.

3. Dimok told 12 ideas to get traffic.

Despite the fact that the article is transferable, most of the tips work fine for Runet.

4. A blogger from Altai collected all the necessary WordPress plugins in one file.

At the moment the assembly contains 19 plug-ins. If you have ideas about adding individual plug-ins to an assembly, we’ll like to comment on the author 2

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