Blogosphere Review - 03. 02. 08 - Profit Hunter

1. SEO-Critic shared information about search engines on do-follow resources.

First for Runet, second for Burzhunet - for every taste. 🙂

2. Network Optimist has written about a long-term strategy for working on the Internet.

IMHO, this post needs to be printed out to every beginner moneymaker and reread it daily, because it very accurately reflects the essence of earnings in the network.

3. A blogger from Altai told what to do if the CNC changes on the blog.

"You wrote dozens of posts, received as many links to these posts ... and at one fine moment, you decided to change the CNC (simply put URL). How to send a new visitor to the new address of the post (for example altblog. Ru / my-post) if he came by the old way? ”

4. Anton Rozhkov wrote about how to become one of the best news hunters on News 2. 0.

The topic is not new, however It is the truths that are observed least of all. If you decide to conquer News2. 0 (as in principle, and any other social programs), be sure to read this post.

5. Dimox teaches you to add a preload icon to large images with CSS.

"Let's imagine that we have a special page containing one or more large images, and we want to let the visitor know that the image is loading. For this purpose, it would be possible to use Javascript, which would display a preload icon for all images that have not yet been loaded. However, we have a much simpler way to achieve the same, especially if the page displays many large images. ”

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