Blogosphere Review - 02. 03. 08 - Profit Hunter

1. The uncluttered optimizer revealed 7 ways to use keyword statistics.

You have to watch very closely what keywords bring traffic. If the web statistics tool does not monitor how people come to the site, you lose money. Here is a list of 7 ways to effectively use your keyword-statistics.

2. Globator shared a list of directories with Trojans and 44 article directories.

These lists will greatly benefit those who work on the Runet. (In general, Michael's blog pleases with excellent reviews and resource lists.)

3. Dimok talked about which metrics are important to the blog.

Do you measure the success of your blog? I am sure that every blogger from time to time thinks about it. I will try to evaluate most of the possible blog metrics.

4. Taras advised how to make a WordPress theme widget compatible, and published a list of worn WP plug-ins.

If you are using WordPress, be sure to check out the list of unsafe plugins, your blog may be in danger.

5. Max wrote a post about the calculation of advertising on the blog.

If you still do not know what price advertisers will charge for banners on your website / blog, you may find the Max note useful.

6. Hodinar wrote about microblogging, as the source of backlinks.

Microblog services are similar to regular blog services with the only difference that microblogging provides the most convenient and fast posting, without any frills. Microblogging is good for those who have little time. As a rule, social functions are implemented in microblogging services, such as tapes of friends (usually, they significantly speed up indexing) and so on.

p. with. I apologize to those readers who have commented on entries on the blog in the last two days. In connection with the move to the new hosting all your comments have been lost.

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