Blogosphere Overview - 21. 01. 08 - Profit Hunter

1. Max posted the Anti-XSS Attack plugin.

The plugin allows you to protect your blog from attackers who want to get administrator rights.

2. The clear optimizer published the 2nd chapter of “Unwritten Book on SEO.”

It’s detailed and understandable about choosing keywords for a future project.

3. The network optimist offers you 11 free resources for selecting key words.

A great addition to the article of the Unplugged Optimizer 🙂

4. Kass suggested 3 simple steps to protect your WordPress blog.

Useful tips on how to protect the admin area of ​​your blog and hide WordPress version information from prying eyes.

5. If someone else doesn’t know, Maul and Unique Man announced but contests. You can familiarize yourself with the conditions here and here, respectively.

The prize fund is especially pleased 😉

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