Blog Protector - WordPress CopyPaster Protection

Do not believe bloggers who claim that they never had to deal with copying information on their website.

Kopipaster boldly paste texts on their resources, forgetting about copyright. It is impossible to defend against them 100%, but there are some methods of struggle.

Blog Protector Plugin is a simple copy-paste protection for blog owners on WordPress.

This add-on does not really need to be configured, but it helps to hide the "Copy" function and invoke the context menu in general. The plugin is free , does not load the engine and server.

Blog Protector - WordPress CopyPaster Protection

How to disable copying on WordPress?

For each webmaster, content theft is an important issue. First, someone uses what you paid for or what you put your soul into. Secondly, it has already been proven that the source can suffer if there are too many copied pages on the Internet.

The free Blog Protector plugin partially solves the problem. Download it from the official website of the developer.

After installing the extension, go to the administrative panel and select Blog Protector in the settings.

There are not many parameters:

Blog Protector - WordPress CopyPaster Protection

By ticking the first item, the pop-up menu is turned off when you press the left mouse button. Here you can also specify the text of the message that the user sees if he tries to do this.

The second tick disables the selection of text and pictures. Regarding this restriction is constantly being debated (whether to use it).

The only minus of the Blog Protector plugin is an additional link to the developers site. Nobody needs extra reference weight, so it’s better to clean the code immediately.

In the admin panel, click "Plugins" and select the editor. Specify Blog Protector, choose a file in php format and go to the page with its code, where you need to delete a couple of lines:

Blog Protector - WordPress CopyPaster Protection

This is not the only plugin that provides protection from copy-paste, but it is easy to use and has the necessary functions. Due to the narrow functionality, there is almost no load on the server.

Copy-paste articles are not the best way to extract content, but they are actively used for various purposes.

If you don’t do anything and don’t try to fight those who steal information from the site, problems may arise.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the appearance of copies of articles, and if it is possible to detect this, it is enough to write a hosting provider that serves the site. Its owner will be notified of copyright infringement or its site will be blocked.

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