Blog for freelancer - the best portfolio

In search of remote work, professionals register on different freelance exchanges and post topics on the forums.

It is not always possible to find profitable orders, so it is better to take care of creating a steady stream of customers in advance. How to make it? There are many options, one of them is to create your own website.

A blog for a freelancer is the best portfolio in which you can post any examples of your work.

Of course, some customers refuse to give you information about their order, but in most cases there will be no problems. In addition, the blog can be filled with instructions on the work performed.

Blog for freelancer - the best portfolio

How to make a blog?

For freelancers who do not develop websites, this process may seem too complicated.

In fact, there is nothing difficult, look at how to create a blog, many useful articles have been added to Workion for a novice blogger. Serious costs are not required, the maximum on the hosting and domain.

There must be 3 sections on the blog. The first is directly the blog in which articles are laid out. The second is a portfolio where examples of your labors are presented. The third is a contact page so that all visitors can easily contact you to order services.

Blog for freelancer - the best portfolio

Almost all popular freelancers have their own blog. They start by fulfilling individual orders, and over time they move to a higher level. It is clear that there will not always be time to maintain a blog, but writing 2-3 articles a week is not so difficult.

Than you can think of filling the site, if the work is in full swing, you can make various optimization instructions, secrets of working with graphic editors, tips on writing articles, methods of advertising development and much more.

In general, making a start from professional skills and incoming orders, you will definitely come up with topics.

A blog is a source of additional profit

As they say, one does not interfere. Starting a blog, a freelancer develops his career. There are plenty of examples where designers began to upload their work on the site and create popular sites.

Greater popularity in certain circles brings even more orders, and self-confident clients are willing to pay many times more.

The easiest way to monetize a freelance website is to attract other employees to the freelance market. I do this myself, I invite freelancers to and consistently receive payments:

Blog for freelancer - the best portfolio

Depending on your business and target audience, you can choose affiliate programs or simply install ad units. In proportion with attendance, incomes will grow.

In addition to all this, the professional skills of a freelancer allow you to create information products.

The video tutorial course, e-book, webinars, and more also bring good profits. It is better to start doing this when there is a consistently high attendance and if the site is created not only for clients, but also for freelancers.

All portfolio freelancers need to, and in the blog format to post examples of work is much more efficient. Spend a few days to develop the site, choose CMS WordPress, you don’t have to be a programmer. It will affect your career 100%, the main thing is not to be lazy to fill the blog.

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