Blog for blog promotion. Promotion blog other sites

In what ways are modern bloggers not using to attract as many visitors as possible to their projects?

Website promotion takes a lot of time and effort, but it's worth it, because if you create a high-quality and interesting project, and you can also achieve high attendance, you can do well on it earn.

Blog for blog promotion - it seems to you that this is an unusual way to develop the site? No, many people use it. In parallel with the main resource, bloggers are engaged in accompanying other sites in order to post links to attract traffic. A great example is the use of Twitter.

Blog for blog promotion. Promotion blog other sites

On Twitter, each user has his own microblog, where he can publish any information. This is actively used by site owners, because in addition to the dissemination of information, you can attach links to your site. Thus, it turns out to promote the blog through microblogging.

Some users find it much more convenient to use certain projects to obtain the necessary data. The same Twitter for many is a more convenient tool for tracking the latest news and events.

By subscribing to a group of the most interesting microblogs, they browse the news feed, and if they are interested in something, follow the links. Due to this, they limit themselves from useless navigation through sites in search of something interesting.

This definitely needs to be used by all those who have their own blog. For example, by typing a lot of followers on Twitter, you can count on a steady increase in natural traffic from search engines and other sources.

Blog for blog promotion. Promotion blog other sites

What can I use besides Twitter?

Small blogs, especially for the promotion of the main resource, can be opened on thousands of other projects:

  • Blogspot. com;
  • ;
  • Livejournal. com;
  • Blogs. mail. ru;
  • ;
  • Blog. com;
  • Gather. com;
  • Blog2x2. ru.

This is just a small list of all blog services that you can use for free.

At each of them there is a certain audience that you can attract, simultaneously engaging in filling separate sites. Of course, this takes extra time, but also benefits the main resource.

Blog promotion by creating additional sites is being used more and more actively and this is a far better way than buying links, which requires serious cash costs and pushes for certain risks.

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