Blog Finder on the ball - Profit Hunter

I just received an email with a link to a very useful program for anyone who needs good back links from English-language blogs . This program is called Fast Blog Finder.

Blog Finder on the ball - Profit Hunter

Here are its main functions:

  • search for blogs by specified keywords;
  • definition of domain PR and blog page;
  • highlighting the no-follow attribute in the comments;
  • determining the number of links leaving the page;
  • publishing comments directly through the program interface;
  • built-in spell checking;
  • placement of pages with your comments in social networks;

The program is very easy to use. The site has an explanatory video. The program has a paid ($ 49) and free versions. Both versions are fully functional. The only difference is that the free version only gives out the first 50 blog search results, while the paid one gives it all. IMHO, on the ball - not bad at all. 🙂

To download the free version, press the green button “Try it Free”.


The action “Support Copernicus”

Known in Runet copywriter Copernicus offers a free review of blog / site content in exchange for a link back to his blog with an anchor "copywriter." You can read the details here. If you are not indifferent to this man's fate, help him in the conquest of Yandex 🙂

pp for everyone: the Copernican experience is quite indicative: prior to the competition, his blog was 14th in Yandex at the request of “copywriter”, already 7th (at least in Ukraine).
p. p. for Copernicus: I do not pretend to review at all, I just like your blog 🙂

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