Bleeding game accounts, as earnings. Where to find account buyers?

Computer games can also be used to make money on the Internet, and in different ways.

The version with character pumping and their subsequent sale attracts a lot of attention, but many are sure that such activity is impossible make it profitable. This is not so, with the right approach, you can earn good money.

Pumping game accounts, as earnings in the network is not used as actively as, for example, click sponsors. And they refuse such work because in order to use it you have to be a professional player, and also wait until there is a buyer for the account.

You need to use this kind of income on enthusiasm and enjoy the games.

Bleeding game accounts, as earnings. Where to find account buyers?

How to make money on upgrading game profiles?

The profit allocation scheme itself is simple - you register in popular online games and start pumping your character. After that, just put it up for sale and look for a buyer. Players who want to get a pumped-up account is not small, so do not worry that there will be no buyer at all.

Choose the most popular games for opening accounts, since the larger the audience uses them, the more likely they are to quickly find a buyer. Of the many different games worth highlighting:

  • World Of Warcraft;
  • World Of Tanks;
  • Linage 2;
  • Warface;
  • Battlefield.

Most importantly, never invest money from your own pocket in character development. If you can not do without contributions, then it is better to use the Money2Game system, where you can perform simple tasks and withdraw money to popular online games.

Here is an example of tasks:

Bleeding game accounts, as earnings. Where to find account buyers?

And here is a list of games you can order a payout:

Bleeding game accounts, as earnings. Where to find account buyers?

But it will also take time to complete tasks, so choose what is best, spend an hour playing the game and self-pump a profile or do tasks during this time and then get money to use paid services in Game.

Where to look for buyers?

There are several options for finding buyers for game accounts:

  1. Inside the game. The easiest way to find a buyer is right in the game, but you need to be careful, because they can block you for ads in the chat about selling a profile. To avoid this, create separate accounts and send advertising from them. Naturally, you need to remember about the security of the transaction, so when transferring data from the profile and receiving money, use the guarantors ().
  2. Game forums. An audience that may be interested in purchasing your profile may be on thematic forums. All you need to do is to register on the forums and place ads for the sale of your profile. Transactions also have to be carried out through the guarantor in order not to become a victim of fraud.
  3. Specialty Stores. There are many services for selling game accounts on the Internet, but it’s difficult to sell profiles on them. Yes, they are visited by a large number of potential customers, but the competition here is much higher.
  4. Service. A unique project for the sale of digital goods, which also sells game accounts. The first sales will be more difficult to organize, but after receiving the rating you will be able to attract the attention of buyers.

There is a special section for the sale of such a product:

Bleeding game accounts, as earnings. Where to find account buyers?

Here you can also see how much the game accounts from different games cost:

Bleeding game accounts, as earnings. Where to find account buyers?

In the image we have underlined several lines so that you can see that some users have already sold thousands of accounts. You can also succeed if you are active.

Making money on upgrading game accounts is not easy, and it will take time to find a buyer. Use at once all the ways to find a buyer, which we described in this article, and turn the character pumping into your hobby. Only in this case, you can get the maximum profit from such activities.

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