Black SEO techniques. Should you use black SEO techniques?

Each site is promoted in different ways, while many users continue to use methods that are prohibited.

Why do they do this? Some newbies just think that they are smarter than search engines. Some deliberately break the rules in order to achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

Sometimes black SEO methods really help to quickly reach high positions and advance the site, but the risks are serious, so you need to think a few times before trying to trick search engine algorithms.

Black SEO - we will present the main methods of such promotion in this article and strongly recommend against using them.

Black SEO techniques. Should you use black SEO techniques?

Black optimization methods

  1. Doorway. This method involves the creation of pages that quickly fly into the TOP of the search results and collect a lot of transitions. A redirect is set up on all these pages so that the visitor gets to the main resource. Naturally, such actions are prohibited, so in the search for the doorways are for a very short time, and the search engines can determine them almost immediately.
  2. Cloaking. Substitution of information can be done so that the search robot watched on the page some data, and visitors are completely different. In technical terms, making a substitution is easy, but search engines have long learned to track this method of black SEO, and it becomes almost impossible to isolate the IP addresses of bots, they are constantly changing.
  3. Transparent images. To add a link to the site, but no one except the search engines noticed it, a 1 pixel picture is set and a link is put from it. Scammers often use this method when they manage to hack a website. Enough time passes before the victims find that an invisible link has been established from their site.
  4. Hidden text. Even beginners know that in order to promote a site, you need to use keywords and add them to pages. In order to establish as many keys as possible, a separate block is created and keys are written into it. To prevent users from seeing them, the background color is selected. Search engines easily identify this "trick", so you can not even try.
  5. Link farms. Such farms are created by webmasters for different purposes, but initially links are established between all resources. Simply put, several low-quality sites are launched at once, and then the links are exchanged and the link mass is increased to one of them. Yandex blocks the entire grid at once, for such actions.
  6. Swaping. Sometimes even fraudsters create quality pages that honestly rise in the TOP of the issue. Here are just achieving this result, they completely remove the content and install other information. Such substitutions are also related to black SEO, and this method is called Swapping.
  7. Reference spam. Even quality resources are now under the filters if they have too bad reference mass. When the project is promoted through links, but they are bought from different HS, link-washing and directories, this does not lead to anything good. Actively building up non-quality links is another trick of black SEO.
  8. Satellites. Another black SEO method, which creates a grid of sites. In this case, it is launched in order to redirect the weight of puzomerok and traffic to the main resource. That is, several HS are being created and the main resource is actively advertised on their pages. Unlike all other black SEO methods, this one is used much more actively.

Black SEO techniques. Should you use black SEO techniques?

Should you use black SEO techniques?

If you want to practice and you have nothing more to do, then of course. In any other cases, it’s better not to resort to black SEO, since even if you can achieve something, it’s not a fact that everything will be stable afterwards.

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