Bitwalking, earnings cryptocurrency walking

People are constantly surprised at the development of new technologies. For example, you can see how quickly mobile phones spread.

No one even imagined that in the near future we could get a full-fledged computer in our pocket, but now we can even make money installing mobile apps.

Earnings on walking with the Go! This is a new stage of technology improvement.

This application is still at the testing stage, but its developers are confident that many people will use it. Surely, you would not refuse to receive money for how many steps were taken.

Bitwalking, earnings cryptocurrency walking

Paying for each step using Go

A separate currency called Bitwalking will be used inside the application. It is planned to pay 1 unit of this currency in 10,000 steps.

Developers from the UK have no doubt about their development for a second, and it will be possible to spend Bitwalking in specialty stores.

How will they count the steps? If you did not know, then applications have been developed for a long time that can calculate such an action. They are mainly used in sports applications where calories are counted, trainings are conducted and so on.

In some countries, it is already possible!, While their list is constantly updated (Russia is):

Bitwalking, earnings cryptocurrency walking

For now, it is difficult to say how profitable this is the way of earning , but he will definitely be able to make additional profit. According to rough calculations, the developers believe that in less developed countries (where people walk on foot much more often), the yield will be about $ 15 per month .

Many people believe that the developers lost Bitwalking with the launch of their currency, as this causes some risks. On the other hand, it is much more convenient when paying for purchases and services directly from the application.

Almost everyone wonders where the money will come from for payments. Now the project has attracted over 10 million dollars of investments.

In addition, negotiations are underway with manufacturers of sportswear and footwear, other investors, and so on. We must not forget that you can add advertising to the application.

Bitwalking, earnings cryptocurrency walking

Such an application may indeed be of interest to many companies that agree to accept Bitwalking for payment.

Just imagine, you are going to your favorite coffee shop, and while you are going, collect the necessary amount to enjoy your favorite drink. The benefits will be for the companies themselves, as they will receive decent advertising and customers.

If you want to try to install this application and earn some extra money, send applications through


The future of this application is hard to say. In any case, it will definitely be installed on many devices.

Now you will not earn much with him, and you will not be able to withdraw funds, so use the alternative options. For example, use MintCoins to make money on Android, where real money is paid.

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