Bitgold - investing in gold

Money should not lie idle, they need to be constantly turned into circulation, because passive sources of profit are the best option to secure a comfortable future.

Now there are many ways to invest on the Internet, which helps people, even staying at home, to improve their financial position.

Investing in gold with - your opportunity to become richer. This Canadian company has come up with an interesting way for investors.

They have opened vaults around the world and offer users to buy ingots from them. Already, the company has attracted several million dollars of investment, continuing to grow.

Bitgold - investing in gold

How to invest money in gold with Bitgold?

The system works like a normal bank, customers are invited to open account and earn on gold prices. Conveniently, their website constantly publishes up-to-date graphics of the precious metal price movement:

Bitgold - investing in gold

Every year, investments in gold attract more and more people, as prices rise. If you decide to take advantage of this advantageous offer, then first you need to register Bitgold:

  1. In the first step you need to specify the type of account, choose personal:
  2. Bitgold - investing in gold
  3. Fill in information about yourself and drag the slider to accept the conditions:
  4. Bitgold - investing in gold
  5. After checking the phone number, you must specify the address of residence (in the State section you can specify your area, and postal code , this is an index):
  6. Bitgold - investing in gold
  7. This is the last registration step, after which you will see a welcome message. It remains only to activate the profile via Email:
  8. Bitgold - investing in gold

After completing all the steps, you become a Bitgold customer who can invest money in gold.

How to invest in Bitgold?

You can invest any amount, but remember that you are given a bonus of 5% for the first time, so it’s better immediately make a large amount. This can be done in several ways; you will find them in the menu section “Deposit funds”:

Bitgold - investing in gold

After depositing funds, go to the “Send Payment” section. There you will see several available repositories in different countries. If there is no gold in the reserve, you will have to wait for the update. Here you need to enter the investment amount:

Bitgold - investing in gold

Next, a page opens where you need to select a contact. You can enter any Email or phone number, but it is better to choose from the proposed options - these are company employees who will process your payment:

Bitgold - investing in gold

The last thing to do is to confirm the transfer operation . This is done simply, you need to click on the green button with a tick:

Bitgold - investing in gold

The money is accepted in the vault, now wait for the gold appreciation, then order the payments.

One-time and recurring payments are offered. In the repetitive, you can set the frequency of buying gold.

Conveniently, to get paid, Bitgold offers to get a plastic card with which you can withdraw money at any ATM . You can send an application for its issue in the "Prepaid card" section:

Bitgold - investing in gold

In addition, you can use a couple of other cash withdrawal options - bank transfer and physical gold:

Bitgold - investing in gold

Investors consistently receive money from the Bitgold service, the feedback on this site is only positive.

A few months after launch, residents of the United States began to invest in the Bitgold project. Experienced users note that the willingness to work in America, says the long-term existence of the company and high security.

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