Bitcoin translation. How to transfer Bitcoins to Webmoney?

In order to make money on the Internet, many users are now trying to extract cryptocurrency.

Bitcoins literally blew up the Internet , and anyone can use Bitcoin earnings for making a serious profit. While the rate of this currency is kept at a high level, interest in it will not disappear.

The only minus of cryptocurrency is a rare use in different services, so many people are interested in Bitcoin translation.

Using Bitcoin games, automatic Bitcoin earnings or getting Bitcoin from surfing and clicks, you can collect a decent amount on your wallet, and then transfer it to your Webmoney to make purchases online or withdraw money to a card.

Bitcoin translation. How to transfer Bitcoins to Webmoney?

A separate type of wallet has long been created in this payment system, which allows you to store bitcoins. It's called WMX, and you can create it, just like a regular WMR. After opening such a wallet, you will be given a separate Bitcoin wallet number integrated with a WMX account ( 0. 001BTC = 1 WMX ).

If you do not want to understand all this, use

, where you can quickly find an exchanger to transfer Bitcoins to Webmoney.

To easily transfer Bitcoins to a Webmoney account, first create a WMX wallet. Then you need to go to this page, log in through your Webmoney and go to receive a wallet for transfer:

Bitcoin translation. How to transfer Bitcoins to Webmoney?

The replenishment page will contain a unique address, you need to copy it and transfer it there cryptocurrency.

How to transfer Bitcoins?

Go to your Bitcoin wallet and go to the money sending section, where you need to specify the recipient's address:

Bitcoin translation. How to transfer Bitcoins to Webmoney?

Insert in the "To" field, the number obtained on the Webmoney website, specify the amount and send the payment. Money comes quickly, so you will immediately see how the balance of the WMX wallet has changed.

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