Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce?

Binary options earnings prospects attract many users. Professionals do make huge money on trading, but for this it is important not only to learn how to predict. We still need to find a decent broker to get favorable conditions and not stumble upon scammers.


, an honest broker or a divorce? About this company now actively appears online. Clients share different opinions about working with a broker, some of them are negative. We decided to find out whether it is possible to trust BinTrader and get acquainted with their website in more detail.

Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce?

Bintrader divorce, why and for what?

After reading the reviews on the Internet, I found many reviews about how frustrated traders cursed the broker’s company because of their failures. Most of the users simply could not achieve a large income. They have forgotten that experience is needed for this and not always even professionals are a plus.

More positive reviews, users note the broker's advantages and share their statistics on successful closing of transactions:

Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce?

That's it, just a couple of hours a trader earned more than $ 860 on Bintrader. This is quite realistic, but the investments had to be made not small. Quotes on the broker's site are current, options are accepted instantly, the yield is high and there are always a lot of assets. It is a pity that you can not conduct transactions on weekends.

Just below we will provide customer feedback from this broker. And now I would like to talk about official documents. The best proof that Bintrader is not a divorce is a certificate. In 2017, the broker began to be regulated by the CROFR, and in Russia it is one of the main regulators:

Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce?

The organizer of the company has been trading on the currency exchange for 12 years, his name is Igor Orlov. Since 2012, he and his associates have switched to binary options. At the start, the company had only 5 people, now it is a large project, on which many specialists work.

Trading on Bintrader

Those who are familiar with binary options can easily find their way on this broker's website. Although they have a unique platform, the functionality does not differ from analogues. We decided to write instructions for the start of earnings for beginners, a step-by-step guide will help start faster:

  1. On any website you need to register before you start earning, Bintrader is no exception, fill in a simple form:
  2. Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce?

  3. After logging in to your personal account, you need to proceed to recharge. The minimum amount is $ 10. After you make it, you can use a demo account and trade for free:
  4. Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce?

  5. Clients are offered many ways to make a deposit. Remember that payments will come to the same details later (the image does not contain a complete list of options):
  6. Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce?

  7. When making a deposit, a bonus is provided, it depends on the amount the trader has replenishes the balance. The maximum bonus amount is $ 5000:
  8. Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce?

  9. As soon as money appears on the balance sheet, you can proceed to trading. The standard asset is selected, and then the amount and expiration time is indicated. Under these fields, a time countdown appears in the open trade:
  10. Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce?

In general, everything is not very different from working with other binary options brokers. Try the first trade and make sure that Bintrader is not a divorce. Thousands of traders trade with this company, including professionals.

Withdrawing money from Bintrader

It is easy to get money from the site, payments take about 3 days. As already mentioned, you can receive money only in the same ways that were used to replenish the balance (details are saved). This includes many ways:

Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce?

In the withdrawal section, users need to fill out a special form. Before depositing, only one payment method is available - Wire Transfer (bank transfer). After replenishing the account, other wallets are added here:

Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce?

There were no problems with payments, the broker transfers funds in full. No data is transmitted to tax organizations, you can sleep well.

Bintrader reviews of traders

Newbies do not trust advertising, articles with reviews, statistics and much more. They need real feedback from people who have already used the services of a broker. The official website has already added the stories of successful traders:

Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce?

However, many do not believe the information provided by the broker itself. Therefore, we decided to contact our readers trading binary options. That's what they think about Bintrader:

Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce? Vitaly - you need to trade options with several brokers at once. I myself conduct transactions simultaneously on 7 sites. The company Bintrader recently added to this list. They attracted me to the original platform and the opportunity to insure the transaction.There was a delay in the payment, but the money came, there is no reason to consider Bintrader a divorce.
Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce? Vadim - taking this opportunity, thanks to everyone who is working on the Workion blog, I learned how to trade binary options using your website. I started working with Bintrader in March of this year (when I learned that their activities are regulated). A good broker, the profitability is normal, they carry out actions, I constantly indulge in switching the light in the platform, I have never seen anything like this anywhere.
Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce? Oleg - he didn’t really count on a large income when he started trading options. It turns out that this is the fastest way to make money. I myself am not making forecasts, relying on expert opinion and indicators. The Bintrader company has helped me gain new knowledge, I have been trading in their strategies for more than a month, and I have been receiving stable payments.
Bintrader broker review, reviews, is this a divorce? Yaroslav - it is worth trading only with those binary options brokers whose activity is regulated by CROFR . Bintrader has documents confirming the integrity of the company. That is why I started to open deals on this site (in parallel, I trade on other platforms). Payments checked come.

Bintrader reviews on the Internet are published daily, but we don't know who writes them. The broker has a lot of fans, every day thousands of transactions are processed, the earned money is honestly paid.

Everybody knows about the divorce in the niche of binary options, there are really a lot of cheaters in the niche. However, it is not possible to blame all brokers for bad faith. Bintrader has gained a good reputation and continues to evolve, they can be trusted.

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