Binary options without investing on Corsaforex

With the advent of binary options, many traders have switched from classic currency trading to this handy tool. It allows you to bet on changes in exchange rates and other assets.

The profitability of options is high, in a few hours you can easily increase the starting capital, but this causes a lot of doubts.

Binary options without investments is the best way to start exploring this trading tool.

If you don’t need to invest anything, then it’s impossible to lose money. Due to the dealing center, it became possible, since this company provides a starting bonus of $ 100.

Binary options without investing on Corsaforex

Binary options trading without investments

Since 2007, continues to evolve and improve. Now through this broker thousands of transactions are made daily, and traders choose this platform for the following reasons:

  • 11 types of trading with options;
  • options for futures;
  • you don’t need to download anything;
  • you can open an option for only 10 cents;
  • no commissions and spreads;
  • many ways to replenish the balance;
  • instant cash flow to the account;
  • free training;
  • analytics and other useful data.

But the main plus of Corsaforex is the no deposit bonus $ 100 , the conditions for receiving and the rules for this promotion are simple:

  1. You need to open a real account.
  2. Pass verification (download a scan of a document to confirm identity).
  3. Verification must be completed on the day of registration.
  4. After verification in your account, you will receive a bonus of $ 100.
  5. Issued only once.
  6. It cannot be withdrawn, but profits can be withdrawn.

When you have done all the necessary actions, you can start trading options. Functional standard, to open an option, you first select the currency pair, the closing time and the bet amount:

Binary options without investing on Corsaforex

If you wish, you can immediately recalculate the profit to find out how much you will get if it is correct forecast. You can also follow the chart and quotes:

Binary options without investing on Corsaforex

You can set the indicator on the chart. Now only one type of SMA indicator is available:

Binary options without investing on Corsaforex

By connecting additional tips, the chances of making a profit increase, so use indicators for binary options.

When investing money in options, you cannot rely only on luck, trading should be conducted correctly, so be sure to read how to earn $ 1000 on options.

Corsaforex broker is not the only dealing center that provides a bonus for starting without investments. You can get . There, too, you will need to go through verification after opening an account, providing scan documents .

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