Binary options, where to start a newbie?

How often now you have to hear from experienced users - start trading binary options and you will get rich.

Newbies have already become interested in this opportunity, but for this trading tool to bring big money, you first need to learn how to properly conduct deal.

Binary options, where to start trading? To beginners it was easy to start, you need detailed instructions.

We decided to help novice traders and made a plan of 6 actions that will help us get involved in the business. Do not miss a single step, each of them is important for achieving successful options trading.

Binary options, where to start a newbie?

Start of binary options, how to be a novice?

Using binary options to start trading is not at all difficult, but before you learn how to enter into transactions, you need to consider a few other important points:

1. Binary options training.
This important step is often missed by beginners, as they find it easy to use this trading tool. In fact, there are also subtleties here, and until you pay attention to them, you cannot achieve good results. You do not need to pay tuition, there are many free sources of information.

An entire section on binary options has been added to our blog. Thanks to useful articles you will get a huge stock of knowledge that can later be put into practice.

The section is constantly updated, so you can visit it periodically and find out something new.

2. Advisors and technical analysis.
It is much easier to make forecasts when there are many tips at hand and you know on which sites you can get analytics. In high-quality brokers, analytics and all sorts of tips are published in separate sections.

It should be said about a useful resource where you will find a summary technical analysis:

Binary options, where to start a newbie?

With it, you can easily determine how a currency rate can change. If they suggest that the currency must be actively sold, then its rate will decrease.

It remains only to open a fall option and win money. Investing has a lot of other useful information, this service should be in service with every trader.

On the website of each broker, you can add different indicators to the chart , so that they also help to make correct assumptions.

The binary options indicator is a complex tool, they need to learn how to use, and also understand their types. No useful information can be neglected.

3. Selection of strategies for trade.
A good trader has always prepared a strategy, following which, he goes to the maximum profit. A clear plan of action and thoughtful steps allow you to take the right actions.

On our blog there are descriptions of different strategies, choose the appropriate tactics for yourself:

  • Buratino;
  • outside the border;
  • inside the border;
  • news trading;
  • martingale;
  • 180 seconds.

To determine which trading technique is right for you, you need to try it out.

Of course, they do not guarantee 100% of winnings, but your chances will rise seriously and you will definitely be able to earn more than by betting randomly. Learning strategies is not so difficult, for a beginner this is a must-have step.

4. Trading options on a demo account.
To gain experience and not spend a penny from your pocket, use a demo account. IQoption broker opens such an account in a few minutes. Log in through any social network and check mail.

After that, they will provide you with $ 1,500 so you can test any tactics and practice:

Binary options, where to start a newbie?

The functional is no different from the real one, the asset is also selected, the amount is indicated Bids, Expiration Times and Betting.

The only minus is that only 13 assets are available in demo mode. But this is not a significant barrier, most importantly, you can quickly figure out how transactions are made in binary options.

5. Choosing a binary options broker.
On this topic we have compiled a separate article How to choose a binary options broker, which describes several important selection criteria. With their help, you can analyze the most popular services and select a leader among them.

To make it easier for you, we offer our selection of Top Brokers:

  • (start trading from $ 10);
  • (the most popular broker );
  • ($ 500 no deposit bonus);
  • (simple interface, small initial deposit);
  • (serious analytics and good training);
  • (up to 150% on deposit);
  • (a lot of teaching materials);
  • ($ 100 no deposit bonus);
  • (trade from mobile devices).

All these companies have been working for a long time and have different advantages.To conduct your own testing and select the best, you now have a list, you can proceed to the selection.

6. Making deals on a real account.
The newcomer's final step to making money on binary options is to conduct transactions on a real account. Selecting one of the brokers, replenishing the account and going to the trading platform, you begin to conduct transactions.

Depending on the choice of service, the interface may differ slightly, but almost everywhere you will first need to select an asset (as at 24Option):

Binary options, where to start a newbie?

Then the main the option opening form, where the opening date is indicated, the amount of the bet and the direction of the chart are chosen:

Binary options, where to start a newbie?

just wait until the time comes. The result can be any, even following the prompts, checking the analytics and using signals, the probability of loss still remains.

Some traders have already turned options into a stable source of income, and you have the same chance. Now you have detailed instructions for action, and you can start your journey from beginner to professional.

Starting to make money on binary options is the most difficult, but when you gain experience, you will understand that this is one of the most productive ways to earn money.

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