Binary options trading strategy without indicators

It is difficult to imagine a successful binary options trading without the use of clever strategies.

Each professional develops a suitable methodology for himself and most often indicators are used for analysis. Using them is not difficult, but some newbies do not want to figure it out.

Binary options trading without indicators is also possible.

The well-known Martingale tactic is suitable for all types of bets, but in options the profit never doubles, so you have to modernize this technique. Now we will explain how to apply it in options, beginners will definitely cope.

Binary options trading strategy without indicators

A simple strategy for trading options

Before you make any bets on Forex, you need to choose a reliable company. Look at the top 5 popular binary options to not fall for the scam.

To apply an interesting strategy, you first need to find an asset that, according to prompts, will soon move in one direction.

This is not difficult, we go to the site and open a technical analysis:

Binary options trading strategy without indicators

The first currency pair is suitable for opening options with a “Higher” value, the third is suitable for rates "Below". It is advisable to choose those assets in which it is advised to actively sell or buy. After that, go to the broker's website to select the desired currency pair and place a bet.

Why not take advantage of a normal Martingale? Suppose you are trading $ 1 with a profit of 70%. In case of loss, increase the bet to $ 2, if you can win, get $ 3. 4, at a cost of $ 3. It turns out not so profitable, but at big rates the picture is even worse.

In order for a large amount to accumulate more quickly on the balance sheet, it is necessary to make a bet with each loss, calculating it using this formula:

Total expense * 2 / percentage of profitability.

Simply put, instead of the usual doubling of the amount, you need to take the sum of the total expense, double it and divide by the yield. It will be necessary to do this every time in case of loss, then it will overlap.

It is much easier to explain all this with a concrete example:

  1. We choose the minimum rate of 30 rubles. The correct direction of the course, we have already figured out through technical analysis. Now open the option to raise:
  2. Binary options trading strategy without indicators
  3. The bet did not play, we lost 30 rubles. This means that now you need to divide 60 rubles by 0. 77 (60 rubles is double the total expense, 0. 77 is the percentage of profitability):
  4. Binary options trading strategy without indicators
  5. Therefore, we set 77 rubles, the direction does not change (we leave the option "above"). The deal won and we won 136 rubles, where the net profit was 29 rubles:
  6. Binary options trading strategy without indicators

Now we need to start all over again, making a bet of 30 rubles. If we lost again, the next bet would be considered as 107 (total expense) * 2 = 214. Then this number would have to be divided by 0. 77, it turns out 277 rubles.

If there is a loss again, you will have to bet 997 rubles, and so on. The formula is not difficult, it is enough to try to apply it several times.

In conclusion, I would like to remind all fans of binary options to update the site.

This is one of the first companies that allowed trading options in Russia and continues to work. They have bonuses for deposits, so get even more than you deposit.

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