Binary options trading by news, subtleties

Who does not dream of big incomes and a happy life? Everyone wants to get big money, but not everyone is doing something for this. In the Forex market, huge finance is spinning, and anyone can get it if they learn to trade. In particular, using binary options.

How to trade binary options on the news? In this article we decided to analyze one of the useful topics for those who do not want to use strategies or rely only on luck. Applying up-to-date information and other data from useful sites, really reduce risks and more often make winning bets.

Binary options trading by news, subtleties

Binary Options Trading

In 2009, this trading tool began to conquer the hearts of traders. For the ease of conducting transactions and convenience, it quickly unwound. Now options are advertised everywhere, their profitability is high, but you need to understand everything well. Beginners should read about trading binary options, this is not an easy thing.

An important moment at the start is the choice of a broker. In the Runet the best are



Forecasting takes a lot of time from professionals; it cannot be done without it. It is necessary to analyze before each bet in order to accurately predict in which direction the schedule will change. The trade itself is not heavy, the rates are accepted through online platforms:

Binary options trading by news, subtleties

In this example, Facebook shares are selected. According to my forecasts (based on the news), the chart should fall below. Through the sidebar, I indicate the amount of the bid (2000 rubles) and chose an expiration time of 1 minute. At the moment, the return on this asset is 80%, as a result:

Binary options trading by news, subtleties

The chart really went down, net profit amounted to 1600 rubles . In just a minute, I received an amount that some people do not receive for a day in regular work. That's what everyone likes binary options for. The news is the easiest to trade, no indicators are applied and there is no need to understand something complicated.

How to trade Forex news?

Some brokers provide the necessary tools for making forecasts. However, many do not trust the information or simply do not receive enough data. Therefore, such services come in handy. They can always be found with useful tips:

  1. Economic news.

A trader needs to rely not only on the opinions of analysts or listen to other people's forecasts. It should always have its head on its shoulders. Every news story in the financial sector can affect change.

For example, America has tightened sanctions against Russia - expect a drop in oil prices or a fall in the ruble exchange rate. Any news portals help to get up-to-date information:

Binary options trading by news, subtleties

From news professionals get a basis on which the right decision is then made. It is important to use the best news sites to be one of the first to obtain reliable data and immediately apply them in trade. When forecasting news in binary options, the speed of traders' actions plays an important role.

  1. Economic Calendar.

Almost every broker has a calendar with important economic events. It presents not just news, it indicates what changes are expected, what kind of asset it is connected with and the power of influence on quotes. The last indicator is shown as a head of bulls (the third column in the table):

Binary options trading by news, subtleties

The table is updated constantly, so you should always check it. Many people attach importance to the importance of the event, so let's see what the bull heads are telling us:

One head - the importance is low, perhaps the event will not be reflected on the chart at all.
Two heads - exactly the changes on the chart are expected, especially if there have been no important news before.

Three heads are the most important events, they significantly increase the volatility of the courses.
In principle, it is quite possible to learn how to make forecasts only due to the economic calendar. Receiving current information, you know for sure how the schedule will change in the near future.

  1. Technical Analysis.

Another tool for correct binary options trading on news. Technical analysis is a common hint, built on the basis of indicators and different strategies. It may also contain expert opinions. All this is useful, beginners trade only on these values:

Binary options trading by news, subtleties

Look, by all indicators in the dollar / ruble currency pair it is recommended to sell assets. This indicates that the rate will decline. Pay attention to the interval, we have chosen 1 hour, depending on the time, the data will change.

Why manually connect something and add to the chart when there is a technical analysis, where indicators are displayed at once by several indicators.

Before you open a bet, you should check the data on all these tools. After studying the news, assessing the importance of events and tips from technical analysis, it is quite realistic to make the correct forecast.

An example of how to trade on news

It is desirable to enter the market after some important news appears on the news feeds. Today there is information that applications for unemployment benefits in the USA were counted, there are too many of them, so the event should have a negative impact on the exchange rate of the national currency.

Before opening a deal, you need to check the economic calendar:

Binary options trading by news, subtleties

What we see as other events negatively affect the dollar exchange rate. This pushes us even more to open a binary option to reduce trends relative to other popular currencies (for example, the euro). To check the forecast, it is worth looking into the technical analysis:

Binary options trading by news, subtleties

Everything tells us that it is time to open the options "Below" using the dollar / euro currency pair. It happens that the broker does not have the required asset or is not active, in this case, you can choose the opposite combination (euro / dollar) and put not “Lower”, but “Higher”: >

In general, nothing complicated, but sometimes you have to wait too long, when all the cards converge in the same direction. Novice traders usually consider 2-3 assets, do not limit yourself, follow the data on various stocks, currency pairs and other assets. You can earn on everything.

Features and rules, how to trade news on binary options

Each tactic when trading on Forex has its own nuances. If you decide to use the news as a basic hint when making forecasts, it is very important to act quickly.

As soon as the event information has appeared, you need to quickly check everything and open a deal, as long as it is possible. In addition, it is necessary to take into account other important points:

  1. Timeframe.
    This is also called the expiration time - the term for opening an option. Most often, it is proposed to bet on from minute to day. Predicting trend movement for a short time is too difficult. Up to 60 seconds, it is impossible to guess at all how the schedule will behave. Therefore, it is better to immediately abandon the turbo options and choose a timeframe for at least half an hour.
  2. Risks.
    Do not allow as much profit as possible to cloud your brain. You should always remember about losses and try to minimize the risks. Evaluate the risks correctly, when trading for 5-30 minutes they will be as high as possible. Consider other factors, only when you are confident in the forecast, make a bet.
  3. Day and time.
    Real professionals choose the best time to enter the market. As for the days, then it is Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The time depends on the selected asset. If it is associated with the US market, then it is best to trade from 16:00 to 19:00, during this period it is better to use the main currency pairs GBP / USD and EUR / USD. Undesirable trading time is Friday evening (after 19:00), because before the market closes on the weekend, the volatility is too high.
  4. Training.
    To trade the news as effectively as possible, you need to get a hand and gain experience. No need to invest money to train, test and learn. For this, brokers have a demo account. Make forecasts, buy options, keep your own statistics. It is important to try to apply the theory in practice.
  5. Important news.
    Professionals share their secrets of how to trade binary options on the news and have repeatedly said that you need to pay more attention to certain information. Quotes are strongly influenced by news about changes in interest rates, unemployment, inflation, retail sales and an index of business sentiment.
  6. Options Border.
    Some brokers still provide a choice of different options formats (available on). In the "Borders" mode, you can specify a range for which, according to the trader, the schedule will not be released. When the market is calm, there is no news, and the indicators point to a neutral opinion, it makes sense to use this option format.

It is easy to trade binary options online, but even professionals cannot always achieve permanent wins. The strategy of deals on news takes place, but you have to constantly monitor new information and make decisions as quickly as possible.

Trading gurus binary trade practitioners always check the economic calendar. Regardless of the strategy chosen, you should always keep track of important events. One news can turn quotes in the opposite direction.

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