Binary options - a divorce for suckers or not?

Highly profitable ways of making money on the Internet are always suspicious and people have doubts whether it is really possible to raise decent money in a short time.

Binary options are no exception, beginners often think that this is a divorce and not even trying to figure out everything subtleties, refuse to use them.

Binary options - a divorce for suckers or not? You can figure it out yourself. The network has reviews of binary options, both positive and negative.

Someone shares their successes, and some complain about losing money. Here you need to understand that the profit of a trader depends only on his actions , therefore, defeat is a defect in the work.

Binary options - a divorce for suckers or not?

Cheating on binary options, is it possible?

Where do binary options brokers take market data? The fall or rise of the exchange rate they also expect as thousands of traders.

If the ruble exchange rate against the dollar the next day fell, then hide it from those who opened the options is simply unrealistic, because the information immediately gets into the newspapers, on radio, television and other sources. On this basis, it is impossible to deceive traders.

Popular brokers are not just websites, they are full-fledged companies that have real offices, a huge staff and all the necessary licenses for the provision of trade services to individuals.

For example, Forex4you broker has real offices in 10 cities of Russia, it is a huge company that exists far from the first year and definitely does not deceive people.

If binary options brokers are not a hoax, where does the money come from?

The most popular question for beginners who do not understand financial structures. Everyone knows about the existence of services for sports betting, but not many are interested in how a bookmaker makes a profit.

Surely you understand that sometimes bookmakers have to go broke and spend more than players contribute to the system. The whole secret is in the correct distribution of coefficients and in general money.

Binary options services operate in a similar fashion. Their balance is constantly increasing due to commissions and losses of traders, and when someone wins, they honestly transfer money.

It is quite difficult to understand all this, but we must not forget that this is a Forex trading tool offered by many large brokers.

I don’t believe that binary options are not a divorce!

To convince you of the opposite, let's try to make a bet and you will understand that it is realistic to win in options. For this we use the services.

Before opening an option, we determined the best asset and built a forecast (the scheme is described in the article “How to earn $ 1000 on options”). Go to the platform for trading and select the desired currency pair:

Binary options - a divorce for suckers or not?

Her yield is not the highest, but due to special technology, we found that the schedule for this asset should go down . Now open the option by clicking on the button "Below":

Binary options - a divorce for suckers or not?

We previously entered the bid amount ($ 20) and entered the closing time. After pressing the red button, the option is open and it remains to wait for the results:

Binary options - a divorce for suckers or not?

As expected, the chart went down below the chosen level, and we made a profit. Now it is 12. 4 net profit, let it not so much, but we won and our balance sheet increased. You can open the following transactions, thereby increasing your capital.

Divorce binary options or not, we figured out if you were convinced that you can earn money on this trading tool and are ready to try, register with the best brokers - and.

Binary options - a divorce for suckers or not?

Video lesson on trading on IQoption.

But first we advise you to visit the Binary Options section in order to gain the necessary knowledge for successful trading.

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