Best Free Hosting with php and mysql for wordpress

Newbies sometimes do not want to start creating a site for one reason - they have to pay. Hosting costs only 100 rubles per month, the same is the cost of renting a domain for a year.

Pathetic 200 rubles, but even nobody wants to spend it. The problem can be solved with the help of companies providing free hosting services.

Free hosting for sites with php and mysql is not a myth, it really exists and many people use it. Do not count on a large disk space and different useful functionality, as a rule, do not promise anything of this, if you do not have to pay. But for a simple blog or the first resource, the option is suitable.

Best Free Hosting with php and mysql for wordpress

The best free hosting for the site

With the help of hosting that you don’t need to pay for, you can create doorway pages that sell pages, check scripts and more. Do not even think about choosing such a hosting for an online store, at least for security reasons.

Cheap hosting providers often turn out to be worse than free ones. Their servers are constantly "buggy", technical support does not communicate at all, permanent failures, sites are unavailable, and so on.

A huge number of companies offer free hosting, but it is impossible to install the engine on it, as there is no support for php and mysql.

Of the huge number of proposals, pay attention to. Free services are provided to customers, with 350 Mb of disk space and support for all necessary technologies.

Advertising is not shown for indemnification, works stably, unlike analogs:

Best Free Hosting with php and mysql for wordpress

One of the main reasons for which give preference to this particular hoster - the ability to install CMS. After registration, in a couple of minutes you can get a ready resource on WordPress or Joomla. It only remains to do it filling.

Surprisingly, this company employs friendly people who can always ask for something and get clear answers. In general, for a novice webmaster this is a find, hosting free php hosting.

Where else can I order free hosting?

Before I found this company, I went through a huge number of analogues. It turns out that free services are provided by many hosters. Perhaps they only lure us with such tariffs, but what's the difference, the main thing is to set sites and not pay anything:

  1. - besides hosting, the site designer is also available. For a beginner, this is definitely useful, you do not need to understand the engines. What struck me, to put it mildly, was the opportunity to get free VPS / VDS. Without payment there is available 2x sites and 1 GB disk space:
  2. Best Free Hosting with php and mysql for wordpress
  3. - here they not only place, but also help to launch the site in 30 seconds absolutely free. The conditions are even better than on the previous hosting, the designer is also available, at any time you can switch to a paid rate to remove all restrictions:
  4. Best Free Hosting with php and mysql for wordpress
  5. - free hosting mysql and php are supported. There is no need to install advertising on the websites, a half gigabyte of memory is provided for them, judging by uptime, this is a good option for quick loading of websites, the company is solid, the website is translated into many languages:
  6. Best Free Hosting with php and mysql for wordpress
  7. - a relatively young company, where users also manage their accounts through Cpanel. He did not use the services himself, there are few reviews, so it is difficult to draw any conclusions. In any case, free hosting forever, works fine:
  8. Best Free Hosting with php and mysql for wordpress
  9. - almost 150,000 sites are hosted on this free hosting. Services are provided with high quality, per gigabyte distributed to all customers, paid rates are not provided here. The only negative is the mandatory verification of the phone number:
  10. Best Free Hosting with php and mysql for wordpress
  11. - foreign free hosting. A gigabyte of space is distributed to all users, php and mysql support, 5 databases are connected, no ads, and work with. htaccess. Of the minuses - the lack of Russian language.
  12. is the free hosting of the largest company, so you don’t have to worry about reliability. The service has been developed specifically for beginners, so an automatic installation of CMS is available in the admin panel. Here are the characteristics of the free tariff:
  13. Best Free Hosting with php and mysql for wordpress

Do not worry too much about the future of the site, at any time you can choose another hosting provider and just move. Plus, the transfer of the site involved companies that you select for paid use. Use free services, you will always have time to move to other servers.

Free hosting and domain from constructors

There is another option to place your own website on the Internet at no cost - to use constructors. They include not only free hosting, but also a domain. True, he will be the third level, but at any time you can buy it.

Newbies should be interested in this, because even the CMS will not have to be understood:

  1. - the designer suggests the well-known Google. They say that the sites created here are ranked better in the global search engine, but this is not a fact. The constructor is distinguished by a large set of functions, here you will find both statistics, monetization and many other tools.
  2. - more than 5000 sites are created daily through the designer. It is suitable for landings, business cards, blogs and even online stores. There are optimization and promotion services, but when the conversation about paid services comes in, you understand that they are expensive here.
  3. - the constructor is somewhat more complicated, since there are many interesting functions on it. He is the most popular in RuNet, he has written many articles and video lessons. There is one problem, this is advertising. It is placed, if you do not pay money and the more attendance, the more it appears.

It will not work to host your sites on these hosts, you can only launch new ones through the designer. Using them is even easier than using the engines, but you need to understand that in the future you will definitely not like the restrictions, and you will not be able to remove them.

Free hosting WordPress and under other engines have already been created, and you have to make a choice in favor of one of the companies. Before using such services, you must understand.

No one can make any claims if problems arise. Therefore, it is better to find a small amount and buy a quality hosting.

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