Best casinos with bonuses 2015

Some gambling lovers prefer to use only those casinos that have bonuses.

There are also bonus hunters who follow the various promotions in this area. Collecting bonuses from gaming sites is not difficult, and if you learn to play them, then you can get a good profit without investments or with minimal deposits.

Casino bonuses 2015 we collected for all our readers and fans of various promotions.

With the help of several quality projects, you can easily start playing gambling without investing or you can significantly increase your start-up capital. Even if you were skeptical about this before, it is worth trying to collect bonuses.

Best casinos with bonuses 2015

If you want to start without an investment, then immediately go to the No Deposit Bonus page of the online casino, where a list of the best projects is presented. It also tells about the Igrun project, which has recently given out not only a small amount for a start.

In 2015, other bonuses were added to the site:

  • payment of 25% of the money lost;
  • 25 gift promotions with a guaranteed prize from 6 to 24 rubles;
  • every 20 minutes, one of the active players gets a full refund when they lose;
  • pay positive reviews about Igrun (including on social networks);
  • find a mistake on the Igrun website and get a reward of 100 rubles.

In addition to all this, there continues to be a campaign for crediting a small amount for registration. It is enough to catch the button, and since 2015 the bonus has increased, now its size varies from 13 to 50 rubles.

Best casinos with bonuses 2015

Where else can you get bonuses?

At Workion there is an article about the most profitable bonuses in online casinos, which also contains a list of different projects.

You can use it or go to the following sites:

  1. - a bonus without a deposit of up to 3,000 rubles, which you need to wager 40 times to withdraw.
  2. - when replenishing the balance, beginners are given a 100% bonus up to $ 500.
  3. - after registration they give a bonus of $ 5, and it can also be collected every day (without a deposit).
  4. - for registration and installation of a client, a $ 50 bonus is charged on the balance.
  5. - a small bonus of $ 7 is issued here to all new participants.
  6. - install the casino client and register to get $ 10.

Some bonuses have to be won back 40 times, and some are enough to win back only once. The amounts, of course, are very different, but the conditions for withdrawing bonus funds are different.

All casino bonuses in 2015 continue to be distributed, and you can collect them from many different sites.

This allows you to save a lot of your money and not to give up your favorite activity. Like to tickle your nerves in gambling? Use bonuses to give your starting capital even more.

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