Best and worst words for advertising, a list of words for authors

When writing selling texts, each author tries to use word magnets that attract the attention of potential customers and enchant them.

There are many such words and phrases, it is easy to find them on the Internet, but most of these constituent texts , already hackneyed and lost their effectiveness.

What words can and cannot be used in advertising? It is necessary to pay tribute to the authors, who, due to experience and statistics, constitute a base of words with a magnetic property. With their help, it is possible to create really effective PR texts. However, all over time loses relevance, it must be considered.

Best and worst words for advertising, a list of words for authors

Unwanted words for advertising

Experienced authors share their secrets, and the opinion of professional copywriters was used to create this article. First, let's find out which words are used too actively and no longer have such a strong influence on potential buyers.

They are taken from the book "Copywriter's Handbook":

  • fragrance;
  • flawless;
  • bliss;
  • true;
  • glance;
  • taste;
  • choice;
  • harmony;
  • valid;
  • decent;
  • unique;
  • sound;
  • idea;
  • tested;
  • true;
  • quality;
  • dream;
  • pleasure;
  • real;
  • unique;
  • original;
  • special ;
  • feeling
  • genuine;
  • correct;
  • prestigious;
  • solution;
  • secret;
  • perfect;
  • unique;
  • color;
  • exclusive;
  • elite.

In some lists of words-energetics, they are still present. Perhaps, once there was a sense to use them in selling articles, but now it is not.

It is better not to use them at all when composing a PR text. This list can be continued for a long time, recently the concentration of advertising is high, so many words become “wiped to holes”.

Best and worst words for advertising, a list of words for authors

Effective words; used in advertising

In the second part of the article we will tell you which words in advertising remain relevant. To ensure that the material is 100% high quality, we again gain the support of a professional.

At this time, powerful words for advertising, we take from the book of Ron Tepper (marketing specialist, publicist and writer):

  • active;
  • inspirational;
  • impressive;
  • outstanding;
  • main;
  • hot;
  • active;
  • noteworthy ;
  • teasing;
  • dramatic;
  • alive;
  • noticeable;
  • noteworthy;
  • significant;
  • amazing;
  • sizzling;
  • beautiful;
  • world;
  • tormenting;
  • unforgettable;
  • stunning;
  • charming;
  • stunning;
  • scorching;
  • captivating;
  • striking th;
  • attractive;
  • eye-catching;
  • pleasant;
  • trembling;
  • respected;
  • fascinating ;
  • amazing
  • able to influence the audience;
  • charming;
  • energetic;

Like a robot, implement all these Words in the texts are not worth it. You need to remain original and have your own opinion. Write selling articles at your discretion, and use these lists as tips.

In general, an experienced copywriter needs to create his own bases. It is more convenient to start with someone else's selections, now you have them. Only one wrong word can cause a decrease in the effectiveness of the text, select them correctly.

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