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Today there are many ways to create a reference mass. One of the tools is a link buying / selling exchange. Among them it is worthwhile to single out the exchanges for working with perpetual links (or permanent links), since this type of links is one of the most effective means from the point of view of optimization.

What is an eternal link?

The value of an eternal link for an optimizer is that it is active, that is, it does not contain the noindex and nofollow attributes, the link to the site is acceptor placed in the context of the article or notes of the donor site. Payment for placing text with a link will be charged once when it is posted. A text note for placing a link is written either by the optimizer, or by the site owner (webmaster), or else the link is placed in the context of the finished article.

How “eternal” is the eternal link?

There is no definite answer to this question and the duration of the placement of the eternal link is usually understood as:
1. for the lifetime of the site / ownership of the donor site by one person;
2. Placing a link to the term of the financial guarantee of the exchange (usually not less than 3 months) depends on the quality of moderation of resources in the base of the exchange.

For what purposes do you always use perpetual links?

Properly placed perpetual links have an important advantage - they naturally look from the point of view search engines, and therefore have more utility from the point of view of the optimizer. Thus, many optimizers agree that it makes sense to buy perpetual links for future-looking projects — author or thematic blogs, services, online stores, etc. Although they clearly do not interfere with your satellites.

The main advantages of eternal links

1. The link fits into the context of the page

A link placed within the text is more difficult to identify as purchased, because from the point of view of search engines, ss LCI leaves the user as a result of their work in the network is more likely to be inserted into the main text of the page, rather than in the sidebar or the basement of the page, ie. e., where usually place simple store bought links. Thus, the probability of getting pessimization from search engines for contextual links is negligible.

2. The cost of the link and its effectiveness

Despite the fact that the eternal links are not cheap, you must understand that the payment of such a link occurs once. Thus, with a properly chosen placement, the cost of such a link will decrease with time, and its effectiveness will increase, because the link trust transmitted to the acceptor site increases with its age.

3. Lack of "extra" links on page

Usually, exchanges monitor the quality of registered sites, therefore the risk of placing on a site with a large number of outgoing links even though it exists, but decreases greatly with a competent approach to the selection of sites. Thus Being located on a high-quality site with a minimum number of outgoing links, the perpetual link has a greater probability of indexation and transfers more reference weight to the site-acceptor.

4. Collection of low-frequency traffic using donor sites

Having done work on compiling and optimizing the district text of a link using low-frequency words and agreeing with the owners of the site on the placement of these texts on donor sites, you can additionally attract to the site-acceptor also low-frequency traffic, which, as you know, can be very effective (a- For mini-Dora that do not violate the conditions of search engines.

5. There is no “flashing” effect of the reference mass.

In the case of perpetual links, the reference mass is fairly constant. This is due to the fact that there are no situations when the page has flown out of the index of one of the search engines and we stop renting it. As a result of such actions, a rather impressive part of the reference mass is constantly updated, which does not give naturalness to these promotion methods.

The main disadvantages of eternal links and problems of exchanges

1. Difficulty of tracking donor site parameters

Many important site parameters, such as, for example, the credibility of the owner of the added site, the type of traffic on the site, the uniqueness of the content, cannot be uniquely determined and effectively controlled over time. T. o. Such situations are possible when the site is added by one person, for example, the optimizer, and the owner of the site, having learned about the unauthorized use of his site, deletes all materials placed after adding the site to the exchange base. The same situation is with thematicity of the site, when the site can be tied to a topic on the exchange, but in fact, materials on any subject will be posted on the site.Thus, one of the main problems of stock exchanges is the qualitative post-control of the site base, when it is important for the optimizer to see the most relevant data on the sites, and not those that were at the time the site was added to the exchange base: changes in subtleties, texts and links on those sites where the optimizer links were placed; changes associated with the imposition of filters and sanctions, for example, the presence in the index and the “filtering” of the site.

2. Term of linking and guarantee of exchanges

As already mentioned, some exchanges guarantee the placement of links, so there is some certainty that the money invested will work for at least some minimum period. However, the financial guarantee period is limited and usually amounts to no more than 90 days. The further fate of the link is on the conscience of the webmaster of the donor site.

3. Higher cost compared with regular links with daily payment

Indeed, as mentioned in the pros, the cost of perpetual links is much higher than the cost of regular links, but if the optimizer clearly understands the purpose for which such links are purchased, then the investment will be a reasonable investment in the future of the project. Eternal links should be considered in terms of the quality of the reference mass, not its quantity, that is, “better is less and better.”

4. Lack of control over the placed links

If errors are found in the links after placement, then they will be impossible, or it is very difficult to fix or delete. Perhaps, in some cases, it will be possible to agree on these emergency measures with the owner of the site, but there are no automated means for solving these tasks on the exchanges.

5. Time-consuming work

If the placement of eternal links is aimed at obtaining maximum efficiency per unit of money invested, then you need to be more careful in developing and optimizing near-reference texts / notes, and on exchanges it is necessary to work carefully selection of sites for placement, in accordance with the site quality criteria developed by you.

6. The lack of a narrow thematic focus of donor sites

If the site owner places it on the stock exchange without being tied to any thematic category, then such donor site becomes a collection of texts on various subjects, which reduces the likelihood of a correct subject of a site search engines. As a result, links placed on such megatematic sites have less thematic weight compared to those sites where the subject is sustained.

7. Part of the funds may be ineffectively invested

As already noted, payment of the perpetual link occurs one time at the time of its placement. And here it is necessary to assess the reasonableness of spending a certain amount of money for a period of work links in the absence of guarantees of the exchange. You need to be prepared for the fact that part of the investment will not bring the expected efficiency and will be wasted due to dishonesty of site owners. Accordingly, it is necessary to strive to reduce this part of costs with the help of a comprehensive assessment of the “adequacy” of the site and its owner.

8. The extra attention of search engines is due to for cluster link placement

Unlike link exchange, normal links, when links are placed in the sidebar or basement of all or most of the site pages and, in general, are evenly distributed across these pages of the site, A separate area on the site for posting perpetual links. And often mater The channels of this selected area of ​​the donor site are inferior in quality to the materials of other headings or sections, and in addition, they have some signs-bells that signal the search engines that sales links are available - different thematic content of published materials may be weakly related by subject or not at all have such a connection, a significant deviation in volume from pages in other areas of the site.

Analysis of the most popular exchanges of eternal links


  • Short description: Most a well-known stock exchange, one of the pioneers of the paid link exchange industry.
  • Positioning benefits:
    • Posting of short, short and full reviews in individual blogs and on blog services.
    • Convenient search sites with the ability to specify SEO-parameters (however, not always correspond to reality), as well as the presence of site evaluation by other optimizers.
    • Possibility of automatic filtering of requests received by active campaigns by setting rules with the necessary SEO parameters.
    • Ability to filter sites by domains and blog services.
    • Ability to compile a black and white list of sites.
  • Requirements for the quality of sites:
    • There is practically no moderation of sites.
  • Base Size:
    • The base of the service is large, but the search for quality sites may seem like a search for a needle in a haystack, so low quality is the base.
  • Spoon of tar:
    • For Blogun, this section should be renamed “Barrel of tar”, because the owners do not pay enough attention to the quality of sites that for many optimizers is a decisive factor for not working with the system.
  • Conclusions: Based on considerations of a natural-looking mass of links from the point of view of search engines, Blogun has meaning to use for the formation of a mass of cheap permanent links of the medium and medium-low quality range, i.e., to dilute the reference mass and to initiate n Process of indexing a new donor site. Quality sites need to be searched among individual blogs (although they can be found on blog services), with an age of at least six months and at least 50-100 pages, as well as with unique author content. Recently, the stock exchange headed for the update, perhaps along with this update will be carried out and work on cleaning the base of poor-quality sites and the introduction of moderation sites.


  • Short description: A convenient and efficient tool for placing links on indexed and non-indexed pages with flexible site search.
  • Positioned advantages:
    • Project of the team of professionals Miralinks, which speaks of the quality of the tool itself and its positioning.
    • Possibility to place contextual links inside text, links with a circumstantial thematic text (notes), as well as images with links.
    • Convenient search for sites with the ability to specify SEO parameters, as well as the main theme and subtopic of sites for placement.
    • The Exchange guarantees the availability of a link to the site for 90 days and a guarantee of indexation of the link within 45 days, otherwise the exchange returns the money to the optimizer.
    • Now you can insure purchased links.
    • Ability to specify and automatically monitor the number of outbound links from the page.
    • Opportunity to view the duration of placement of materials from other campaigns by the site owner, which will help weed out unclean webmasters.
    • Ability to view the average cost of sites with similar parameters in the system.
    • Texts should be written by the site owner, which saves the optimizer from writing texts, but also reduces the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Requirements for the quality of sites:
    • The added sites undergo mandatory manual moderation.
    • To add to the database of the exchange, the site pages must be indexed by search engines, in addition, the site must contain some minimum number of pages.
    • The base does not accept sites engaged in active trading of links through other systems.
  • Base Size:
    • Large and high-quality base sites.
  • Spoon of tar:
    • There is no possibility to browse pages indexed by Google, because the exchange monitors only indexing by Yandex.
    • The cost of links is significantly higher than on the Blogun, which is understandable, given the quality of the sites.
  • Conclusions: As acknowledged by many optimizers, at the moment it is the most interesting exchange for buying permanent links, mainly because of the quality and number of sites in the database. You can safely recommend this exchange to use to create a mass of high-quality and promising links for SOM projects.


  • Short description: A system for posting unique articles and press releases with links to quality resources.
  • Positioned benefits:
    • Placement and automatic monitoring of high-quality unique articles on an ongoing basis.
    • The system offers article writing services for posting.
    • The system offers advertising campaign management services by system specialists who know their business.
    • The system provides financial guarantees for the placement of an article.
  • Requirements for the quality of sites:
    • The added sites undergo mandatory manual moderation.
    • To add to the exchange base, the site pages must be indexed by search engines.
    • The base does not accept sites engaged in active trading of links through other systems.
  • Base Size:
    • Quite a large and high-quality base sites.
  • Spoon of tar:
    • There is no possibility to browse pages indexed by Google, because the exchange monitors only indexing by Yandex.
    • The need to write / order writing quality articles.
  • Conclusions: Although this system is not designed directly for placing links, it must be present in the arsenal of tools of the optimizer, because with this system you can create not just a mass of point links, but a mass of content thematically linked to an acceptor site with links.


  • Short description: The system for placing articles and links.
  • Positioning advantages:
    • Ability to search sites using more than 40 filters.
    • Possibility of flexible charging - payment for accommodation on a permanent basis or only during the time spent in the index.
    • Ability to edit posted materials.
    • Possibility of forming black lists of sites.
    • Possibility to order writing / rewriting / reproduction of articles directly from the system interface.
    • Presence of paid additional options for optimizers, allowing to carry out more effective and targeted advertising campaigns.
    • Possibilities for automation of work with the exchange.
  • Requirements for the quality of sites:
    • There is moderation and manual assignment of site statuses in the system.
    • The system has requirements for a minimum number of sections and materials on the site.
  • Base Size:
    • A huge base of sites, but searching and dropping out of quality sites can be difficult.
  • Spoon of tar:
    • Frequent unavailability of the service due to heavy loads.
    • The quality of the sites is comparable to the quality of the sites on the Blogun, if not worse.
  • Conclusions: A service that offers many interesting features, but not a good quality base of sites. Thus, the main conclusion is similar to that for Blogun - it makes sense to use this service to dilute the reference mass with cheap links of average quality.


  • Short description: Exchange of buying / selling articles, links and permanent links.
  • Positioned benefits:
    • Possibility to buy links from indexed pages with relevant text.
    • Ability to generate texts using templates.
    • Control of placement of articles on the sites.
    • Guaranteed placement of materials on the sites.
  • Requirements for the quality of sites:
    • There is a site moderation (automatic?) In the system.
    • The site must be indexed to be added to the system.
    • The base does not accept sites created for selling links through other systems.
    • The base does not accept sites that do not carry the payload.
  • Base Size:
    • The small base volume of sites.
  • Spoon of tar:
    • The quality of the base, judging by the feedback from the optimizers is at the level of Liex.
    • Low prevalence of service.
  • Conclusions: The exchange can be used to dilute the reference mass along with Blogun and Liex.

Other systems

It is also worth mentioning other participants of the link exchange market - rotapost, kazapa and j2j. Although these systems are full-fledged market participants, they can be considered for serious use after they pass through the stage of their formation and maturity, when a sufficient base of sites is gathered and a corresponding assessment of the optimizer community on the effectiveness of work with these systems appears.


The idea of ​​exchanging perpetual links as a tool to help automate the work of creating a network of high-quality backlinks is good, but at the moment there is no “perfect” exchange with optimizer’s perspectives, both in terms of capabilities, and in terms of the quality of their implementation, each system has both its own drawbacks and obvious advantages, and in the absence of such an “ideal” system, it remains to use existing systems, trusting advertising slogans in the hope that that links, like the money invested in them, are not lost ut without the knowledge of the optimizer, and will be long and efficiently. Thus, starting to optimize the reference mass and guided by the old, but true saying “do not put all the eggs in one basket”, you need to plan the quantity and quality of perpetual links, and then use the available tools to purchase the required number of links at sites with the necessary criteria quality.

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