Basics of building backlinks. Module 3. Day 1 - Profit Hunter

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the third module of the Challenge 2010 Marathon. The main theme of the module is backlinks . This is a completely new material. Much of what we are going to talk about will turn out to be familiar to you, since you have come across the tools and results that veterans use and receive in promoting their websites. But, you looked at all this as a user and did not see the whole undercoot system.

There are two things that we need to build back links:

  1. To be on the first page of Google’s issue . Right? This will provide us with good traffic and loyalty from readers and partners. As a result, many will leave links to our site based on its usefulness. After all, we publish high-quality content, right?
  2. We need to see how and where our traffic is formed, from where and in what quantity it comes. And also the time of activity of visitors. This is a very important statistic, giving the opportunity to flexibly adapt to market movement and user needs, properly plan and conduct advertising campaigns. Let's not forget about competitors. For this we use the module SEO Competition Matrix .


Basics of building backlinks. Module 3. Day 1 - Profit Hunter

There are hundreds and thousands of courses. Millions of pages have been written about backlinks. And many are confused and lost in this amount of information. Collapse occurs when it comes to business - when you need to create backlinks. It seems very difficult and difficult. ... but. I have good news for you. Creating backlinks is a very simple task. And you will see for yourself.

What is a backlink? Let's define the concept of backward links. This links to your site from other sites. You saw them constantly, visiting hundreds of pages of the Internet. Back links you saw in the articles. You saw them as banners; in the comments and even in the video. There are many ways to declare your link.

Anchor and address (URL)

What does the back link consist of? Yes, you already know this. And you know that this elementary knowledge is hundreds of web masters are not promoted to the point of earning. Problem in knowledge? No. Problem in the lack of understanding and understanding of what it is.

Paradoxically, is it true? The back link consists of two simple components:

  1. The address to which the link points or points.
  2. Anchor (anchor), under which the page address is located.

And the majority problem (just think There are webmasters - the inability to properly connect these two components. Remember how we carefully selected the domain name and emphasized that the keyword must be in the domain name. We highlight the keywords with bold text in the text, write them in the headers, etc. Anoors are not an exception. The design of a link is equally important.


What about the authority of a link? Ooooh ... Not even the link itself, but the site. Links from reputable sites is an important element for creating backlinks. Why? If you come to the society of nobles and cool, can you win their attention? Not. Who are we? But, if someone presents you at such a meeting and says, " This is a cool guy! He knows his stuff. He has his own shop, the prices are excellent ". How will others feel about you? You will receive a dose of recognition and your rating will increase significantly. Site attendance will increase as well. Links from reputable sites are good traffic. How to get a link from such sites? We learn and practice. This is yet to be.

Video Lesson

  1. Introduction from Ed Dale
  2. The Basics of Building Backlinks

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