Basic Industries - sell coal and earn money

Even small money can be invested on the Internet to make a profit. There are not so many options here, but if you choose from economic games, the variety is wide.

You can earn a taxi with

, sell eggs at

, grow beds on

or launch our own production with Basic Industries.

We decided to write an overview of the investment game because this project is actively gaining popularity and now it has 30,000 registered users .

It is possible to start without investments, since at the start, 10 coal mines are given out to beginners. Sign up today and within a couple of hours you will be able to sell the collected coal.

Basic Industries - sell coal and earn money

Playing and earning with Basic Industries

The game is extremely simple and it will be easy for the beginner to navigate. The first thing you need to do is not difficult to register by filling out several fields:

Basic Industries - sell coal and earn money

When you first log into your profile, you can immediately go to the warehouse and after 10 minutes, collect coal from the bonus mines :

Basic Industries - sell coal and earn money

Raw materials obtained from any production are sold for silver that can be removed from the game:

Basic Industries - sell coal and earn money

As you can see , we have now sold coal for 0. 21 silver, but this amount is not fully available for withdrawal. Only 30% of silver is transferred to the balance for withdrawal, the remaining funds can be used for the development of production.

In addition to mines, several options are offered. They cost differently and differ in performance:

Basic Industries - sell coal and earn money

Prices for production are in silver, you can buy it for rubles (1 rub. = 100 ser.). When replenishing the balance in the game, keep in mind that the first deposit is set at 100% bonus, and if you deposit more than 200 rubles, you get one ticket for the wheel of fortune.

Also, when making over 500 rubles , production bonuses are provided:

Basic Industries - sell coal and earn money

By investing money once and collecting raw materials at least once per month, you can consistently withdraw money from the game.

Every day, all players receive a bonus of up to 1000 silver, do not forget to collect it.

In addition to all these bonuses, Basic Industries has a lot of interesting things in this game:

  • referral contest (prize money is 70 000 rubles);
  • lottery (tickets cost 100 silver, and the winner gets up to 500 silver);
  • wheel of fortune (1 ticket is given for every 200 rubles entered into the game);
  • gambling (thimbles, races, box of luck) ;
  • exchanger (+ 20% to silver for purchases);
  • affiliate program (15% of referral deposits).

Payments from this project come only to wallets

. Account number must be specified in the profile after registration.

For almost half a year there is a Basic Industries project and the total payout amount is approaching a million rubles . Do not wait for a good moment, register in the game right now, many already use it and earn good money.

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