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The financial theme of the sites is the most profitable, since people can be sent from such a site to different affiliate programs and receive serious money.

Banks offer remote cooperation and attracting customers with a fixed profit, the remuneration there is decent.

Bank offers are a profitable business, professionals understand this, so more and more different financial sites appear.

It is not necessary to create a site, you can use traffic arbitration. This approach requires investment, but with the right approach, it is possible to multiply the investment several times.

Banking Affiliate Programs | Workion. ru

The websites of financial organizations rarely have links and pages for partners. As a rule, large banks use aggregators. One of them is ActionPay.

It is enough to go through the usual registration and indicate the source of the traffic in order to connect to the offer. For example, Renaissance Credit is ready to pay almost 3,000 rubles to a partner who attracted a client:

Banking Affiliate Programs | Workion. ru

A prerequisite is a loan issued, and the amounts here are from 30 to 500 thousand rubles .

After connecting to the affiliate program, a special link is provided, for it is necessary to invite users to the selling page (if it exists). In our case, Renaissance offers a landing page:

Banking Affiliate Programs | Workion. ru

Directly via the Internet, the user fills out and sends an application for a loan. If it is approved, and the person receives money in the bank, the partner is charged 2,950 rubles.

Invite 10 clients per month and get honest 29,500 rubles, but not limited to one affiliate program.

Bank Offers on Admitad

This affiliate aggregator offers even more offers of financial topics. Everything works in a similar pattern, only the design of the site is different. Register and choose who to work with.

The best deals are now the following:

  • for issuing a credit card Tinkoff pays 1,200 rubles;
  • The Rosmicrocredit pays 950 rubles for each loan;
  • for a given loan, the partner pays 800 rubles;
  • the system charges 90 rubles for registration on their website.

As you can see, the conditions are different, somewhere cards are issued, somewhere they are asked to register or get a loan.

On your own site, you can earn at once through several offers. Conveniently, the balance will be general and you can create separate pages for each affiliate program.

Banking Affiliate Programs | Workion. ru

Offer lists are constantly changing, new companies are being added and tariffs are rising. The case is profitable if you learn to attract large audiences of potential customers. Some manage to search for them even in social networks.

Privat24 Affiliate Program

Privat Bank, known to all Ukrainians, also offers cooperation. He does not have any offers for popular aggregators, but they are not needed.

The fact is that a separate page has been created for partners, where you can register right now. You will become an agent without any difficulties and without leaving your home.

Banking Affiliate Programs | Workion. ru

Before you register, you need to open a "Universal" card. Revenues are directly dependent on how many people you will attract and how expensive services you will sell to them.

You can invite other agents and receive 50 hryvnia each, if they complete at least 3 sales. The system also has a point system that improves the conditions of cooperation:

Banking Affiliate Programs | Workion. ru

For extra money, the option is not bad, but the profitability here is not as high as on affiliate program aggregators. Bank offers can bring a reward of several thousand rubles .

As an option, financial traffic can be poured into affiliate brokers of Forex. Good conditions are offered by the company

, just for one customer to replenish the balance, you can get more than $ 150.

Banking partner programs are among the most profitable, and you now know how to use them. Do not waste your time, start earning financial traffic or create your own website, thousands of users already earn serious money in this area.

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