BankID - get an initial Webmoney certificate in Ukraine

Good news appeared in March 2016 for all Ukrainians who use the WebMoney payment system.

Now they can easily and easily get an initial certificate without leaving their homes. In addition, you do not have to overpay and look for a registrar. Also, do not need to make any transfers.

Get the initial Webmoney certificate in Ukraine through BankID? A new project created by international experience.

Its developers maximally simplified the procedure for obtaining an initial certificate for Ukrainians. Spending 5 minutes and only 11 hryvnia, you can discover new opportunities.

BankID - get an initial Webmoney certificate in Ukraine

Why get an initial certificate at all?

If you are a novice Internet user and you have a very small amount of money in a virtual account, then you really shouldn't go through additional certification.

It is better for those who are working stably on the network to:

  • it is easy to regain control of the wallet;
  • to increase the input limits and withdrawal of funds;
  • to participate in the work of Capitaller;
  • to participate in credit operations;
  • add automatic acceptance of payments;
  • to access news publications on Webmoney site;
  • adding sites to MegaStock.

Before receiving the initial certificate, you must pass a preliminary verification in the payment . We have already told how to get a formal certificate, it is useful for beginners.

The system can be used by clients of PrivatBank, Mikhailovsky Bank, A-Bank and Concord Bank.

First you need to go to a special one, where your data and the button for authorization will be presented:

BankID - get an initial Webmoney certificate in Ukraine

Carefully check the wallet data. They must completely coincide with the data that is entered in the banking database. The BankID service page opens where you need to select the bank in which you are a client:

BankID - get an initial Webmoney certificate in Ukraine

Then you get into Internet banking, where you need to log in. This is the official site of your bank, so you can not worry:

BankID - get an initial Webmoney certificate in Ukraine

The final stage is the payment for obtaining an initial certificate. Money is transferred from the WMU wallet, we recall that the cost is 11 hryvnia.

The payment system compares the client's personal data with the data provided by the bank. Therefore, the information must match. If everything is correct, then within 2 days the initial certificate will be issued.

For the residents of Ukraine, the WebMoney service also opens up new opportunities, and we recommend the Webmoney application for Android to all customers of this payment. With it, you can manage your wallets from anywhere in the world.

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