Ban account Vkontakte. How to restore Vkontakte profile?

A social network is used for various purposes, but no matter how you use it, your page may be blocked.

This is not about profile freezing, but about the Vkontakte account forever.

In practice, such situations occur quite a long time ago, but as a rule, they only occur if the user systematically violates the rules of this project. Recovery with such a lock is possible, but it turns out to be done far from at all.

Ban account Vkontakte. How to restore Vkontakte profile?

It is possible that your page was blocked due to doubtful data. If you had a fake and because of this your profile was banned, then you will be asked to provide a photo with a passport in your hand.

Corresponding instructions are presented on the page of a blocked profile, if, of course, you are given such an opportunity.

If there is no information on confirmation of data, then the page was blocked for another reason. Most often, it is indicated as: "Suspicious page activity." In this case, the only chance is to contact technical support and report an erroneous block.

Ban account Vkontakte. How to restore Vkontakte profile?

This should be done only if you didn’t wind up anything and did not violate Vkontakte rules, i.e.

  • did not sent spam;
  • did not use cheat programs (like Botovod);
  • page is not fake;
  • did not post prohibited content (including pornography);
  • did not participate in cheat systems (even for joining groups on cheat may be banned).

If you did something from this list, as well as your page was frozen at least 4 times before, you can say goodbye to your account. Most likely, technical support will once again explain to you that you are a violator, and you will lose your time for communication in vain.

Try not to break the rules of Vkontakte, and be sure to read them on the official page (there is a link at the bottom of the Vk. Com site).

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