Badminton betting. How to make badminton predictions?

Sports fans get great pleasure from betting in bookmakers.

This adds fuel to the fire, as you worry not only for your favorite team or athlete, but also for your money. Fans are absolutely in all sports, and bookmakers offer to bet not only on football.

Badminton bets are not very popular, besides tournaments are held rarely, therefore not all BCs allow betting on this sport.

If you decide to find a suitable company, then choose only among the best bookmakers. First, there are higher ratios. Secondly, there are no problems with payments of winnings.

Badminton betting. How to make badminton predictions?

Badminton is an interesting sport

It appeared in India, but the rules were invented in Great Britain in the 20th century. The game quickly gained popularity in many countries, and the rules have not changed much over time.

Today, the strongest players are from Asia, particularly China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Korea. In Europe, they also have, most live in Sweden, Germany and Denmark.

Badminton betting. How to make badminton predictions?

The badminton field is a lot like a tennis court.

The rules are somewhat similar, but they have certain features:

  • single and double games are played. Also, there are games with mix pairs, when players of different sex participate in the team; If an even number of points, then to the right, if odd, then to the left; a player earns a point
  • , if his opponent repulsed a shuttlecock out of the field, into the net or into his territory; wins in two sets;
  • set goes to 21 points;
  • if your opponents have 20 points, the game continues until you get 2 points in a row.

Those who are interested in betting on badminton, you need to understand the rules thoroughly. Although there is nothing complicated here, watch a few games and in a couple of hours you will understand exactly how the game is played.

Badminton betting. How to make badminton predictions?

How to make predictions for badminton?

Many players consider badminton to be insufficiently dynamic, but this is not the case. Here endurance plays a crucial role. To make the right bet and win money, consider a number of features:

  1. Start following the tournaments to select the best players for yourself. Keep track of how they maintain a pace, how they make feeds, how long they are active, and so on.
  2. Consider the odds on several BCs to make the most profitable bets. Badminton in our country is not widespread, such rates are accepted on sites and.
  3. Temperature influences the speed of movement of the shuttle, this can be taken into account when betting in LIVE mode. If he flies fast, then the server has advantages. Also consider other temperature effects.
  4. Learn the styles of playing badminton , some players just can not oppose the opponent. Considering each "duel", it is useful for forecasting.
  5. Sometimes the psychological state of an athlete affects the game. Personal problems can be found in the news. Also, stress can appear due to proximity to losing, this comes in handy in online betting.
  6. Do not make a common mistake, do not bet on the rating or the most expensive athletes. They do not always win, and the number of matches played is not an indicator.
  7. If a bet is placed on a pair game, it is necessary to take into account its peculiarity. For example, an athlete who plays well alone, can not cope with the task, playing in a pair with another athlete.
  8. Evaluate the significance of tournaments, since in badminton players often save energy. This is an energy-intensive game, so many people do not lay out until they get into the most prestigious tournament (Thomas Cup, Uber Cup, Sudirnam Cup, BWF Super Series Tournaments, Destination Dubai).
  9. Match fixing in badminton is not uncommon. This is another reason to make bets in major tournaments. There, athletes want to win more than get a little money for the loss.
  10. Correctly choose the type of bet, there is a usual victory, total, exact score, odd / even and total for the player. It is not always profitable to use the usual rates, the totals also have a high yield.

Considering all these rules and applying them in practice, you will have your own badminton betting strategy. On the Internet, they are offered a lot, but the game is so unpredictable that each match must be considered individually.

Where to put money on badminton?

When choosing a quality bookmaker, you need to pay attention only to those companies that are allowed in Russia. There are only 4 of them, the rest do not have a license, so they get into the registry of prohibited sites.

No one regulates the activities of unlicensed BCs, so you can become a victim of fraud. If you want to make honest bets on badminton, register on these sites:

  1. - Top betting office, which has many advantages. For registration give bonus freebet for 3000 rubles.

    In addition to betting on badminton and other sports, unusual formats are available. For example, to predict what kind of talisman will be at the World Cup or how much the new iPhone will cost. Live mode, responsive support, the company is close to the ideal.

  2. is a simple but convenient office that is more popular outside the Internet. She has many offices where badminton bets are accepted and not only.

    There are no bonuses here, but all that a better needs is. Open bets in Live mode, create collections for convenient bets, study the results and statistics for making forecasts.

  3. - go through the registration, link the account from TsUPIS, perform verification and get 2000 rubles. The money is available for the first bet and if it plays, you can withdraw the profit.

    A deposit will still have to be made, here the minimum rate and the amount of replenishment is 10 rubles. The organizers are closely associated with the project, which sells state lottery tickets.

  4. is the ideal BC for long-term rates. The main advantage among all allowed bookmakers in the Russian Federation is the minimum margin. Bets are accepted online and e-sports.

    Users are offered applications for mobile devices (Android and IOS). Shares are held infrequently, every three days, 10% of the lost money is returned. And if you are active, you will get promo codes to make freebies.

You should not use any other services of bookmakers. Sites for receiving sports betting on badminton and much more is now a dime a dozen. Some have not yet entered the registry of banned sites, but in the near future it will happen. Therefore, do not take risks, register with official companies.

It is easy to bet on badminton, but it’s hard to make predictions. Too many factors can affect the outcome of the competition. The only drawback is that it is rare to hold games, so it will not work to constantly make money on it.

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