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Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks ... - Profit Hunter No, this is not a mantra for the optimizer and not even an attempt to conquer Google on the keyword “backlinks.” Rather, this is what appears to you in excess (although does it happen? 🙂), if you read this article carefully and apply at least some of the techniques and methods listed in it.

Some methods are on the surface: bookmarks in social networks, linkbiting, comments on blogs, registration in catalogs, press releases ... - but speech it’s not about them.

There are a lot of resources on the Internet that are now ready to share with you Oim PR and reference weight. Kim Roach talks about some of them in his article 100+ Untapped Link Building Strategies, which I present to you for your attention.

The article is quite large and informative, so I strongly advise you to either save bookmark it, or print it out. At the end of this introduction ...

1. eBay blogs. Each eBay user can create a personal blog and place any information in it that is not contrary to the rules of the site. Take a look at the blog of Western SEO expert Jim Boykin. You see the contextual link with the anchor “search engine optimization”? It leads to its official website and, most importantly, does not contain the no-follow attribute. You can set up such links as your heart desires. To do this, simply create your own blog on eBay .

2. Contests. Holding a competition can significantly increase traffic, increase reference weight and significantly advance the blog in search results. John Chow and John Cow owe their success to them.

If you decide to hold a contest, announce it on the following resources:

  • Contest Blogger
  • ThePrizeBlog
  • ContestHound
  • DisregardMe
  • ReviewWow
  • MyBlogContest
  • TheLinkBait
  • ContestBeat
  • TheContestWinner
  • MyBlogContests
  • AboutBlogContest
  • ContestBlogcat
  • Contester
  • SubmitYourContest

3. CSS galleries. Such resources provide good traffic and good backlinks, for example, the FreelanceSwitch website received more than 25,000 unique visitors from galleries alone. If you have a nice CSS template, place it on the following sites:

  • CSSMania
  • CSSRemix
  • BestWebGallery
  • WebCreme
  • CSSElite
  • CSSDrive
  • CSSHeaven
  • CSSTux
  • CSSGlobe
  • CoolHomePages

four. Another good source of traffic is KillerStartups . This site provides daily reviews of 30 startups. This site gives good backlinks and considerable traffic - in the Alexa ranking it occupies 7761 place. To register your resource, click on the link.

5. Lists of useful resources. This is not about the lists that conquer tops Digg and del. icio us. No, these are lists of useful resources that you can post on sites like Listible. com. By registering on the site, you can create your own list of useful sites and regularly update it. Using the site, do not forget about good manners: before posting links to your own resources, create a solid list of really useful sources of information.

Related sites:

  • Listverse
  • ListafterList
  • Listphile
  • OnmyList
  • Whatali. st

6. Flickr . You probably already know about the weight of links in the comments on the bookmarks on Digg and Propeller, but the world has not come up with a wedge. With similar success, you can use the Flickr site. Look at the Glitter-Graphics backlinks. com. Many of them come with flickr. And they post their links with the help of an animated image in the form of a fluttering butterfly. (You can put contextual links - note.)

7. Cool Site of the Day . This resource regularly publishes notes on the most interesting sites from around the world. What is particularly good, you can apply for the mention of your site and if it is approved, a link to your site goes to the Cool Site of the Day home page. Moreover, it will see about 150,000 subscribers.
The appearance of your link on the main page of the site can have a long-term effect. Some of the best sites of the day went to the pages of the official BBC News, USA Today sites, were mentioned on the radio and in various media.

Here is a list of similar resources:

  • CoolPick
  • AskMen
  • TopsiteoftheDay
  • Yahoo Picks
  • Blackstump
  • Family First

If you have an original entertainment site, place it on the following resources:

  • Leenks
  • I-am-Bored. com
  • Bored
  • BoredatWork
  • Ubersite
  • College Humor
  • Stimes
  • Ebaumsworld

8. Podcasts. To voice your English-language blog without effort, use the Odiogo service. com.Odiogo automatically converts RSS posts, articles and blog posts to audio files. As soon as you have ready-made podcasts, you can place them in podcast directories and get a lot of backlinks.

9. If you sell software, you can get thousands of free backlinks if you only need to make a demo version of the program and place its description in special directories. To do this, you need to create a PAD file. Use the free PADGen app. When the PAD file is ready, place it on special sites. To automate the registration process, use the SubmitMySoft service.

So you can increase not only the reference weight of the site, but also sales.
On these same sites you can place screensavers, widgets, toolbars, add-ons for Firefox, add-ons for Internet Explorer and much more.

10. Torrent. You can distribute demo versions of programs using the Torrent network. pdf-files, video and audio clips. Here you will find a list of the 35 most popular torrent sites. Placing materials in the torrent can be a good help in a viral marketing campaign.

11. Placement of materials on thematic social sites. If you have a free e-book, place it in the most popular information catalogs:

  • MindlikeWater
  • ebook2u
  • Jogena
  • WisdomEbooks
  • GetFreeEbooks
  • EbookPalace
  • EbookMall
  • Scribd
  • Published. com
  • Ebook88
  • Virtual-Ebooks
  • EbooksTemplateSource
  • Ebook Tags
  • Ideamarketers
  • EbookJungle

If you created a web application, add it to the sites

  • SimpleSpark
  • Web2List
  • Go2Web20
  • FeedmyApp
  • Makeuseof
  • Emily Chang
  • Find Apps
  • Listio
  • AllthingsWeb2
  • Search Free Apps
  • 2 . 0 Websites
  • BuzzShout
  • Web2. 0Searchr
  • NeoBinaries
  • Reflexz

12. Promotion in social networks. If used correctly, social media can bring you not only tons of bitty traffic, but also quite good backlinks. If your site is really good, a part of social traffic will settle on it in the form of subscribers and even buyers.

Undoubtedly, you are familiar with such social heavyweights as Digg, Del. icio us, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Propeller. However, besides them there are still a lot of rising stars like Mixx and niche social sites, a brief overview of which you can find here.

Niche social networks will not only bring you targeted traffic, but also help advance in larger networks, since very often users have accounts on different social sites, and therefore they can vote for their favorite news several times.

13. Reviews of sites. In addition to backlinks, this method allows to obtain a critical and often qualitative assessment of the site of interest. However, to earn a detailed review, you must become an active member of the community. Some of these communities are:

  • UK Webmaster World Forums
  • Anizone
  • DigitalPoint
  • NamePros
  • GameMakerGames
  • Webmaster-Talk
  • Webmaster-Forums
  • Webdev Forums
  • Webdesign Forum
  • Web designer Forum
  • Ozzu
  • Critics-Corner
  • Site Owners Forums
  • Sitepoint Forums
  • Warrior Forum
  • V7n
  • SeoChat Forums
  • Search Engine Watch Forums
  • DnForum
  • DevShed Forums
  • aBestWeb
  • KillerSites
  • Successful Blog
  • CreamAid
  • Site Critic
  • Hallway Testing

The ReviewBack website allows you to share reviews with other bloggers. You can also get a review in exchange for a link or banner. Here is another list of sites where you can get a free or barter review.

14. Lists top commentators. If you like to comment on other people's posts, select several niche blogs that have the “Best Commenters” widget in their sidebars, and start posting your ideas and wishes there. You will find a list of English-language blogs on Internet marketing, where such a widget is present. If you publish the same list for Russian-language blogs, well-being in the comments 🙂, I will definitely correct the article and put a back link on you (the same applies to all other lists from this article).

Added: here is the list Russian blogs, in

15. If you are writing web design, graphics or programming manuals (in English), you can upload them to other sites and, again, get a reciprocal link. some of these sites.

  • Good-Tutorials
  • Tutorialized
  • Pixel2Life
  • Photoshop Roadmap
  • Flash Perfection
  • Dzone
  • Rnel
  • Design Float
  • CG Tutorials
  • Pslover
  • Tweako
  • Tips Clique
  • Fstutorials
  • Graphics World
  • Tutorials Garden
  • Photoshop Pack
  • Tutorial Kit
  • Kaos-Tutorials
  • Total Tutorials

These sites do not reprint your material - they simply link to it. Attendance of the above listed sites is quite high, so with each such link you can get from several hundred to several thousand visitors. (You can post content on SEO and Internet marketing on Tutorialized. Com.)

16. WordPress Themes. If you are an experienced programmer, you can write free themes under WordPress, in the basement of which there will be a link to your resource. Thanks to this reception site Carlocab. com came out on top by the query make money online . Even if you don't know a damn thing about the code, you can always hire someone who will write the topic for you.

You can also create an original design using the Wpcustomization service. com screw it to an existing topic - this approach is also very effective.

If you already have a finished original theme, show it to the world. Here are some sites to help you.

  • Wpdesigner
  • WordPress Theme Viewer
  • Weblogs Tools Collection
  • WordPress Theme Codex
  • JohnTp WordPress Blog
  • Blogflux
  • ThemesBase
  • BloggingThemes
  • Wpskins
  • WordPress Theme Forum
  • Fresheezy
  • EmilyRobbins Blog
  • WpSnap
  • WpThemesFree
  • Blogging Themes
  • WordPress Wow
  • WordPress Theme Base
  • Free WordPress Themes
  • iThemes
  • Rock-Kitty Themes
  • Web2Feel
  • Themes-wp

Don't forget about thematic forums:

  • DigitalPoint Forums
  • Theme Vibes
  • Graphic Design Forum
  • Easy WordPress Forum
  • Bloggeries
  • Webmaster Talk

17. Posting articles. In addition to well-known article directories, there are several other reputable sites that will gladly post your article and put a weighty back link on your site. Among them are the site Gather. com. This is not just a directory of articles - it is a real social network with all the consequences. Also pay attention to the site Work. com, especially if your resource is dedicated to business and marketing.

If you want to place online materials in a format. pdf, use the Scribd and FreeIQ services.

18. Wiki. Wiki sites are an invaluable source of backlinks, but to get such links, you must first get some recognition within the community, otherwise all your links will be deleted in minutes. Here is a list of Wiki sites from which to start.

19. Interview. Interviews with a person known in your niche will add fame to you, and your site with reference weight. The main thing is not to disappoint with questions.

20. Widgets Creating and distributing widgets is one of the most effective link building methods. Widgets are small web applications that spread through third-party sites and are easily integrated into Facebook pages, iGoogle start pages, etc.

It is precisely because of this that a link to your site can appear on hundreds and thousands of other sites. Even sites such as Amazon and USA Today have long been offering their visitors and customers to host their company widgets. What prevents you from doing the same thing?

If you are far from programming, use the WidgetBox service. com. With it, you can at least turn your blog or feed into a widget.

You can promote your widgets through the following sites:

  • Widgepedia
  • Google Widget Directory
  • Yahoo Widgets
  • WidgetBox
  • SpringWidgets
  • Widget Gallery
  • Snipperoo Widget Directory
  • RateitAll Widgets
  • Friendster Widget Directory
  • Netvibes Widget Diretory
  • Xanga Widget Directory

With App Accelerator, you can turn a widget into an app for Facebook.

I hope you have found at least something here that will help your website move competitors and, accordingly, reach a new level of earnings on the Internet. 🙂

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