Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

Another video from Stompernet has been released. It is fully devoted to the opportunities and perspectives of web 2. 0 . I must say that it is not worth waiting for the burnt themes and incredible discoveries from this video. It is rather a review or, as it has become possible to say now, in and , what role the web 2. 0 will play for Internet marketing in the future, and what potential it carries in itself right now. Although the author still reveals a few tricks.

This time the speaker was Don Krauser , another employee of Stompernet. The video lasts 50 minutes. Its size is about 156 MB. Keep this in mind if you want to see it in the original. (And it’s worth it to watch it.)

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

The Internet is entering the era of social networks and the web 2. 0. This means that many of the old methods and strategies for conducting Internet in the near future, businesses will either stop working altogether, or will work, but with much lower returns.

And best of all, these changes open up tremendous opportunities for those who pay attention to them and enter the race in time. Don compares the current situation on the Internet with 1998, when it was enough for success to build a subscriber base and send them various commercial offers from time to time.

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

The same, and maybe b o , many opportunities open up before us right now. Search engines are less important every day. Shamanism with the optimization of content and all sorts of design things are relegated to the background. social media are entering the arena - the essence and meaning of web 2. 0.

Of course, you know about them. Moreover, you probably have profiles on social sites. But one thing is to have a Facebook page or use the Del bookmark service. icio us, and quite another thing is to build your business on them (and hundreds of others like them).

Social media offers us tremendous opportunities:

  • instant indexing and high positions in search engines;
  • huge amounts of traffic to the target site;
  • high conversion rates of social traffic.

And if right now you do not begin to act and promote your resources through social sites and networks, you risk getting stuck in the Stone Age of the Internet for all:

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

Attendance of social sites

Many people know that attendance at social sites is growing, but few know how fast. Look at the graph:

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

In just one year, Facebook caught up with Google in the number of page impressions. At the same time, MySpace showed almost the same attendance as Google all year round. But this is what ... Attendance YouTube by the end of 2007 exceeded the attendance of Google. com more than 1.5 times ! (You can take a look at the charts on Alexa. Com.)

However, this is not all. Every two months, the amount of traffic on social sites increases twice !

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

According to comScore World Metrix, 64% of Internet users visit MySpace, 29% - Facebook, 35% - YouTube and 27% - Wikipedia. This is a huge amount of traffic.

Demographics of social media visitors

Facebook ranks daily replenish 100-250 thousand new users. Moreover, these are not teenagers who have only beer and entertainment on their minds. Most of them are adults.

51% of MySpace visitors are over 35 years old. Visitors to Facebook, which was originally created for college and university students, are also 41% made up of adults over 35 years old. There are even more than 100 thousand people among them, who have exceeded 74!

However, this is not the end of the story. There are other equally large networks. Here are a couple of heavyweights:

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

Moreover, social media is not limited to social networks alone. There are also bookmarking sites and news sites,

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

social content sites,

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

sites that host videos, photos and music,

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

and, of course, a blog platform, where without them 🙂

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

And how many more ordinary sites like Amazon. com, which began to acquire elements of web 2. 0 ... According to Don, there are 1920 sites in the Stompernet database that one way or another fit the "social" criteria.

This is real virgin land, which has just started to be developed. And there will be enough space for everyone, at least for the next 12-18 months, until the market is saturated and is divided between the main players. And most of these are main players will be those who will come to this market one of the first .

Take any more or less solid thematic site created by back in 1996. Do you think it will be easy for a young website to compete with it for the 1st place in Google? Probably not. And this is despite the fact that the owner of the old resource can not do anything at all, and the owner of the young one - of leather get out.

Similarly, if you start to act right now , it will be difficult to compete with you in the future. But this is not all the advantages of web 2. 0 ...

The advantages of Web 2. 0

1. You do not need to worry about promotion in Google. By correctly using Web 2. 0 tools, you can take 2, 3, 5 or even 8 positions in the top ten of any search engine for your key phrases.

There is no need to go far for examples: we already have lessons from Stompernet, which, in addition to their practical use, have also become an excellent example of a properly conducted web 2. 0 campaign.

Before the appearance of the first video from the series "Going Natural 2. 0” , a Google search for a phrase of the same name gave results related to herbal medicine, etc., in the same spirit. But already a few days after the launch of the first video in this series, the first 8 pages of issue were devoted exclusively to Andy and Stompernet. Not the first 8 results, but 8 pages !

Andy's video was viewed more than 100,000 times. Bloggers and Internet entrepreneurs from all over the world began to discuss this event and this further strengthened Stompernet's position in the world of online marketing.

Some more evidence

Here is the Google page with the query :

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

8 out of 10 results anyway linked to web 2. 0. The same applies to such long keywords as Squidoo marketing strategies and Long Island copywriting (8 and 5 web 2. 0 results in the issue, respectively).

"But these are noncompetitive inquiries,” you will say and you will be right. The competition here is low. However, this does not mean that the same web 2. 0 sites can not jump into the top ten and for more competitive key phrases.

Take the phrase how to get abs (how to pump up the press). For the bodybuilding niche, this is a fairly competitive phrase.

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

All 4 first results are web 2. 0 sites. And this is even despite the fact that the search was conducted according to a general, rather than an exact request.

On request beautiful girls on the first page of Google there are 8 web 2. 0 sites. 6 other web 2. 0 sites go to the top on request orbit gum . What more proof is needed?

Don and his team conducted a study in which 5,000 of the most expensive AdWords requests were taken, for which the minimum bid was $ 0. 50 to $ 1. They drove them through the major search engines. It turned out that 18% of all results from the first page are related to social media.

And do not forget that many social sites provide significant weight backlinks, which gives a double effect: strengthening positions in search engines (hence, traffic growth) and direct traffic from social media .

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

Of course, the increase in traffic from social media does not mean at all that you should (or can) forget about the positions of the site in search engine results. Not. You must make the most of both sources (and do not forget about PPC, if it also brings income).

A few examples: Sherman Hugh , another Stompernet employee gets 25-35% of traffic to his blog from social media. Ed Dale , the author of the Thirty Day Challenge (Autumn Marathon), thanks to a Facebook page, gets about 100 new subscribers to his course each day.

PhotoBucket receives up to 55% of all traffic from widgets and applications on MySpace and Bebo. On the other hand, the clumsy Flickr is not keen on promoting itself on social media, as a result of which the traffic from MySpace makes up only 2.4% of its total traffic.

"Social" buyers

Another advantage of social media is that they bring you and your visitors together, which in the future can significantly increase the conversion of the site (for rare exceptions like Digg-effect.) Social networks help build relationships with potential buyers and this is their exceptional advantage.

People buy goods from those whom they know and trust, and this is what yours should be directed to " social campaign. Only in this way you can get high-quality and at the same time very cheap traffic to your resources.

Most recently, the company MarketingExpirements. com completed a study that lasted 12 months and was aimed at finding out how much the cost of attracting traffic through social media and using PPC. Here are the sites that became the main sites for this campaign:

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

Traffic went to 4 different sites. The results of the experiment (for the month) were as follows:

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

The difference is 15 times!

Why do so few companies and single marketers use this feature?

Firstly, because not everyone knows that it exists (now all). Secondly, many of those who know about it, do not know how to properly use it.Third, and most importantly, most entrepreneurs believe that social traffic is very poorly convertible. And this is their main error .

The reality is that social media visitors not only earn good money, but also spend it well.

Results of a recent Compete Inc. study. showed that consumer habits of social media users are somewhat different from the habits of other Internet users. In addition, their income is 20% higher than the income of those who do not use social media. And in addition to this, social workers often spend about 25% of their income online, while ordinary users are limited to only 17%. Consequently, the income from social traffic with the right approach can exceed the income of traffic received in any other way by more than 20%.

See what and how often the active participants of social media buy (as compared to the average user) compared to the average user:

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

And again, the data show that the backbone Social media is far from being teenagers and students - it’s unlikely that those would have enough money to buy jewelry and luxury goods in such quantities. Although not all categories of goods are represented here, this data is quite enough to say that any company and any entrepreneur owning a partner store or selling its own product is extremely profitable to use social sites.

Now let's move on to the practical side of the question.

3 strategies for using social media

Strategy # 1 - Scribd. com

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

The main purpose of this strategy is to weighty backlinks and good positions in the search search engines.

This site allows you to place text documents of any format and type: presentations, spreadsheets, articles, press releases, e-books, scripts - anything. Now note:

You can insert a link with any anchor to any resource into the text, which will not be slow to affect the position of your site in search results. However, this is not all. Scribd. com shows from which page, from which search engines and by what keywords the readers of your creativity came.

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

Moreover, nobody restricts you in the desire to share your work with other readers. The author of the above document (see fig.) Posted 230+ articles on the sale of used cars. As a result, it now receives a significant amount of traffic and good backlinks.

Scribd is great for:

  • re-placing old content;
  • pulling a site out of the Google sandbox using quality backlinks;
  • getting more positions in the search results;
  • posting old texts from electronic distribution.

Added: Scribd no longer allows you to post html documents, therefore, you should not wait for backlinks from this resource. Details in the comments to this post.

Strategy # 2 - Squidoo

Squidoo allows you to create an unlimited number of “lenses” on any topic and put backlinks to any resources.

You can monetize traffic directly on the lenses, receiving a percentage of clicks on contextual advertising and sales of products from Amazon and eBay, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is that Squidoo lenses are well ranked by search engines. regain lost positions.

Squidoo does not limit you to the subject matter, nor to number of lenses. Moreover, you can create several accounts - one for each niche. And on each lens you can put a back link to your young (or not) website, which, again, will give it not only targeted traffic, but and some reference weight.

If we draw analogies with the real world, Squidoo lenses, like the records on Scribd, can be compared with the McDonalds network.

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

In just a few hours, you can significantly expand your presence on the World Wide Web, reach high positions in search engines and get good The reference weight is all completely free.

Moreover, Squidoo lenses can be bought and sold. For a few dollars, you can find high-quality content lenses with good PR.

Strategy # 3 - bookmarks in social networks

This strategy, like the previous two, allows you to get weighty backlinks, high positions in search results and traffic.

Most users, thinking about social bookmarking sites, immediately recall Del. icio us, Digg and StumbleUpon, which is not at all surprising. These are heavyweights in the world of social networking. However, many online entrepreneurs use them inefficiently.

You have all heard about the Digg effect: the site goes to the main Digg page, the incoming traffic of the site increases dramatically (so that the site can easily fall), then it drops at the same rate, and the saddest thing is traffic is very difficult to monetize. Therefore, you absolutely should not chase fast money from Digg'a - you can use it more favorably.

There are at least two methods of enrichment with Digg. The first one you should be familiar with, since it is a direct consequence of the Digg effect. This is getting back links. If you place good content and get into the top Digg, then you will surely manage to earn several hundred backlinks.

But the most important thing, and you might not know it, Digg, like Squidoo, is very well ranked by search engines. Moreover, in order to get into the top ten Google for a long key phrase, you absolutely do not need the voices of other users.

Example: Search Yahoo! on request Pontiac Body Kit . Look at the result:

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

The Digg tab is in the first place. Now look at how many people voted for this news:

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

Total one ! At the same time, Digg bookmarks are ranked well not only for long key phrases, but also for high-frequency one-word keywords. Just last can not hold out for a long time in the issuance.

Also pay attention to the Propeller website. com. The bookmarks from this site are very well ranked by “money” key phrases. So by the cheapest domain registration page with the Propeller is at the 4th position in Yahoo !. By the Malaysia Airline Tickets another page is in 2nd place (in the same Yahoo!).

Moreover, Propeller, like Digg, conveys reference weight. Even links from comments to bookmarks do not have the no-follow attribute.

But there is one thing ... All of the above tricks and techniques are effective only if you do not abuse them. Do not overwhelm Digg and Propeller with a bunch of second-rate junk. Come on, this is a short-term surge of traffic and a long-term ban. Ideally, you should place only the best that you have on social sites.

But that’s not all. You don’t have to submit news and articles exclusively from your sites. Post articles by other authors to help you earn a certain authority over time, both among users and among the administration of social networks.

Social Marker

As you have probably understood, posting in social media takes a lot of time. Without process automation, you are unlikely to achieve much effect. Among the free solutions, you can highlight the Social Marker site (an analogue of the Social Poster, which I already wrote about - note).

Back to the Future - Web 2. Outlook. 0 - Profit Hunter

When you register on all social sites from the list, posting news and / or articles will take no more than 15 minutes (of course, this depends on the connection speed).

Don advises using the Social Marker (and bookmarking in general) as follows. Bookmark

  • on your website;
  • on pages with news and distribution of elephants;
  • on important blog entries;
  • on your videos -rollers and articles on third-party resources;
  • on Squidoo lenses;
  • on pages of others you like;
  • on pages that link to your website (this will increase the page weight , and, therefore, the weight of links from it).

Strategy # 4 - Video

A small bonus from Don 🙂

Creating and publishing videos on YouTube and other social video sites, as in previous cases, It has two goals: traffic and high positions in search engines.

YouTube site in the US alone is visited by 51 million people every month. In terms of attendance in the same USA, YouTube is in 8th place (rated by Alexa. Com). 68% of Americans view daily an average of 6 minutes of online video.

If you think that making a movie is too expensive, you are greatly mistaken. All you need is a good webcam. You can use MovieMaker (Windows) or iMovie (Mac OS) free applications for editing videos. To record video presentations in the spirit of Stompernet, you can use the free Camtasia Studio 3 program (search for free camtasia 3 ).

Once you make a video, you can post it on YouTube, Google Video, Blip. tv and other social sites.

You can start applying the strategies outlined above right now. Fill in several documents on Scribd - 30 minutes; create a Squidoo lens - another hour; register on social sites and put a few bookmarks - a couple more hours ... With video (if you don’t speak English sufficiently) the situation is more complicated 🙂, but you shouldn’t reject this strategy. It is better and more profitable to learn English after all.

Catch fish where it is found 😉

p. with.Don Krauser prepared a free report on social media and the future of web 2. 0. He added a couple more strategies to promote in social networks. To download the report, go to the Stompernet blog and fill out the subscription form. The download link will come by e-mail. Report in English.

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