Aytreking, tracking the movement of the eyes of site visitors

Site owners are constantly trying to solve the riddle of successful projects and are looking for methods to improve their sites.

It would be nice to know what the visitor is paying attention to. How to do it? You can use heat maps, but they are not always accurate, as the movement of the cursor on the monitor is taken into account.

Aitracking will help to make content quality, and numerous experiments have already proved its influence.

Oculography, this is also the name of this science, which studies the movement of the eyes of an ordinary average user viewing a page of a site. Every day this technology is becoming increasingly firmly established among scientists and marketers.

Aytreking, tracking the movement of the eyes of site visitors

What did the light tracking of the study prove?

Using special equipment, we managed to track the movement of the eyes of many participants in the experiments. Almost all the experts came to the same conclusion and shared their results.

It’s not difficult to figure out how the eyes of site visitors move , scientists have been doing this for a long time. Their research helped figure out what users are paying more attention to and how they behave.

Here are the most interesting research results:

  • when studying content, the attention of users is concentrated in an F shape. A similar picture and when viewing the results of the issue:
  • Aytreking, tracking the movement of the eyes of site visitors
  • most of the subjects did not study the content of the page, they first ran through the whole body of the material;
    gets the most attention section "About us" (and others like him). Also, people pay attention to subscription forms, contact information, useful links and information about promotions, bonuses;
  • eyes of visitors to sites move from left to right, line by line. In this case, the vertical movement occurs much slower;
  • few people look at the buttons to open the site in another language. Also, banners and other advertising blocks received the least attention;
  • besides the essay of the letter F, research has shown that many are shifting attention in the format of the letter E or L;
  • maximum attention is paid to headlines highlighted in words pictures, callouts and video recordings;
  • if under the header the place is occupied by all sorts of blocks, the visitor may not start reading the material. It is desirable that the text was immediately under the top of the site.

These results help businessmen, advertisers and content managers. Many people are interested in selling the eytracking system now, because I want to get the results for my target audience on my own resource. This, of course, is not superfluous data, but it will not be so easy to collect them.

Aytreking, tracking the movement of the eyes of site visitors

Buy Aytreking or invest in something more important? The decision is yours. Most importantly, this science has helped determine how rarely people study texts completely.

Therefore, at the very beginning there should be important information, and the body of the article should be formatted correctly in order to increase its attractiveness.

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