AviaSales launched affiliate program and gives up to 70% to partners - Profit Hunter

When searching for a profitable affiliate program, a very important point is its reliability, which is why an already well-established and well-known business that decided to acquire an affiliate program always arouses special interest from the Internet public. One example of this situation is the AviaSales service.

Avialsales is perhaps the largest metasearch for air tickets in Runet, allowing visitors to find the most profitable and convenient solutions when choosing flights, and earning a certain percentage from airlines for each ticket sold, and earning quite well - at the expense of This percentage of scale (on average 2.5%) is significantly higher than that of most similar services.

AviaSales launched affiliate program and gives up to 70% to partners - Profit Hunter

And from the beginning of November AviaSales decided to launch a program where partners will receive 50-70% of the amount they brought to the service. So this is a good reason to think if this topic is not completely alien to you - say, if you have a blog dedicated to tourism, a themed website and the like. Especially considering the fact that even half of the aviasales commission is likely to be higher than your entire commission if you work directly with the same airlines. In addition, unlike many other services, it takes into account not only the purchase of tickets, but also any tourist services advertised on the service in general, so you always have a chance to earn something beyond expectations on the attracted client.

The program takes into account the fact that the purchase of an air ticket is a responsible decision, and not everyone will buy right away when they stumble upon a server, or they can continue their search and come back later. Aviasales stores visitor cookies for 30 days from the date of the first visit, so if you return during this period and still make the purchase, you will still receive your commission.

The program offers two ways to work with traffic: a direct link to the search engine and White Label. A link is just a link, it has no special or distinct properties, and White Label is a more interesting option. Its essence is that you place all the same meta search engine on your site in the form of a search form - thus, a visitor searches your site directly on your site and, if lucky, order a ticket, and there is a possibility that in the future continue to use the order from your site. A nice little thing - the affiliate program offers a considerable set of various ready-made forms, so you can certainly find at least one that will fit into the design of your site.

There is an AviaSales and referral program - it accounts for 5% of the income generated by your referrals, so the program can be useful even to those who have nothing to do with tourism.
In general, this affiliate program is far from the worst option, especially if your resource is dealing with travel. However, with a sufficiently high attendance, the subject matter may not play such a big role - there is surely a certain percentage of visitors among the visitors.

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