Automation of Vkontakte via Vkbot, Vkbot program interface

Using all the functions of the project, as well as engaging in the promotion and promotion of groups and profiles, you have to spend a lot of time on performing various actions.

Can I somehow save it? Of course, for this there are special programs, such as Vkbot.

Automation of Vkontakte through, this is one of the best ways to get a huge list of tools thanks to one software product. The program is distributed free of charge, and if there is a desire to expand the functionality, you can purchase a license for a month for 400 rubles.

Automation of Vkontakte via Vkbot, Vkbot program interface

Vkbot program

It is easy to use this program, despite the fact that its functionality affects the number of different tools. There are many functions available for managing a profile, here are some of them:

  • accepting and rejecting friend requests;
  • supporting an account online;
  • streaming status from Twitter ;
  • displaying the last entry from any RSS to status;
  • clearing the wall;
  • clearing all comments;
  • deleting invitations to groups;
  • clearing the blacklist;
  • deleting all notes;
  • comprehensive deletion of dialogs;
  • automatic exit from locked groups;
  • viewing deleted friends;
  • delete sent applications.

Please note that these functions are only for profiles, there are separate tools for groups, mailings, screen management and much more.

Program interface Vkbot

After installing this software, it is displayed in the upper right corner and does not interfere with computer usage:

Automation of Vkontakte via Vkbot, Vkbot program interface

If desired, it can be minimized to tray. When you click on one of the buttons in the program, an additional menu opens, as shown in the image. In the example we presented the process of editing the description of the photo, which can take a lot of time.

If you use the free version, it will have a lot less tools, but there are enough of them.

You will find the most convenient functions in the section of the targeting:

Automation of Vkontakte via Vkbot, Vkbot program interface

You can also set up a mass mailing of messages via the free version, which is also required from time to time. Naturally, when automating various processes, you have to enter a captcha, and in order not to do this, you can activate Antigate and give about 30 rubles for 1000 unraveled captcha .

The VkBot program is a great help when using Vkontakte, but remember that it will not help you bypass the general limitations of the project. For example, if invitations to a group can be sent every 8 hours, then through the program you can do it with the same restrictions.

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