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“Who does not know Mega Index. Mega Index everyone knows” - as it was sung in one famous song in SEO remix processing. The Age of Technology allows you to automate processes of the same type, freeing us a very valuable resource — time. And in the SEO world there is a lot of work of the same type: selection of keywords, analysis of competitors, budget estimation, etc. In addition, you need to be aware of the SEO activities of competitors. dozing and working to push our profitable sites out of the TOPs. Therefore, you should always be “in the know”.

I remember how everything was done by hand. Eh, there were times 🙂 Information tons, and time to process it - to analyze, draw conclusions, optimize the site, write content and another ten dozen of tasks - oh, how not enough. And if we promote more than one of your site, and yes even the client is in the queue? Full dam. The title “Rob Werther” is provided to us with a paragraph in the biography “workaholic”. Romance ...

What is Mega Index?

Before you start working with any system, it is important to know its goals, purpose ... concept.

Mega Index is a set of tools for automating website promotion in search engines.

What is included in the toolkit?

Toolkit Mega Index - a number of algorithms presented in the system as services. For example: selection of donors, selection of links and linking, deep SEO site analysis, automatic control of progress, budget estimation.

"Aah ... And here are the links to buy? There is sap and others like it. Why do we Mega Index?” - someone may argue. Why buy links? To promote key requests to the TOP, and, as a result, sites. As long as there are reference rankings , there will be services for buying / selling links.

Mega Index is a powerful tool that allows you to increase the quality selection of donors by an order of magnitude, select topics, save the budget, take into account competitors and give optimization tips for the page being promoted so that raise its search rankings in the eyes of search engines. And all this can be done in minutes, not hours or days. Thanks to this automation, you can sleep and have several projects in a row. This benefit is indisputable.

Functionality Mega Index

I’ll make a reservation at once that it’s physically impossible to analyze all the functionality of the Mega Index within one article in details. In practice, it’s best to learn and use it. I will highlight some interesting services Mega Index. Consider them on the example of my blog ProfitHunter. ru :

Site Analysis

You can analyze your site immediately after registration in the system.

automatic promotion in the TOP from A to Z - Profit Hunter

The system will display a whole table reflecting a lot of useful SEO information. Information in the table can be sorted. Take, for example, the column "Visibility". Sort it in descending order. Click on the down arrow.

automatic promotion in the TOP from A to Z - Profit Hunter

What valuable information does site analysis give us?

  • Site positions and visibility in search engines;
  • Number and efficiency of requests by promotion phrases;
  • Effective and commercial promotion cost.

By sorting the information by columns, we can create a complete picture of what our site is and what can be done to improve its output. We immediately see which queries can be pulled up in the TOP, and which require substantial intervention in the optimization.

If we click on a request, the system will immediately transfer us to the “request analysis” section.

Request analysis

automatic promotion in the TOP from A to Z - Profit Hunter

I will highlight the feature here systems: " Mega Index contains a full archive of search results without reference to a specific site or request ". What does this give?

  1. Determine the position of the site by given search queries;
  2. !!! Obtaining a list of search queries and corresponding positions for which the site is visible in a search engine.

For a more complete picture, I recommend watching the video on the service " Analysis requests ". For some There are video pages of the services (film strip icon).

Another positive point is the budget estimate for the promotion. For the query “analysis of backlinks” Mega , the Index defined a budget of 140 rubles.

You can check the site for your requests.

Add a site to the system

Add a site to promote better after a preliminary analysis of requests and budget estimates.

automatic promotion in the TOP from A to Z - Profit Hunter

The system will add the site to the list of promoted.

automatic promotion in the TOP from A to Z - Profit Hunter

To start purchasing links, you need to add requests for promotion. Click on the arrow in the column " Promotion ".

automatic promotion in the TOP from A to Z - Profit Hunter

The system automatically determines the most relevant page. Also, you can specify your own in the field " Page for promotion ".

Pay attention to the column " Text of the page ” - under the link you will see the page relevance analysis carried out. Satisfy the comments of the system to improve the relevance rate.

When everything is fixed and improved, proceed to the purchase of links.In the future, it is necessary to monitor the growth of positions in the PS, to carry out budget adjustments, to monitor competitors, etc.

Small conclusion

We considered only the simplest version of work with the system Mega Index. Over time, you will develop your style. Some services you will use most often and others rarely. Mega Index is a flexible system.

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