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Before the main part of the article goes, I want you to read this ( from Com ):

Internet Association Ukraine conducts a monthly monitoring of the activity of users on the Internet , the results of a regular study that InMind conducted on its order were recently published. The list of the 25 most visited resources has been published, the first place, as of January 2011, belongs to the search engine Google . The average daily attendance Google in February was 62.67% . Next on the list in attendance is the social network vkontakte (58. 35%), Mail is a bit behind. Ru (47.4%), Yandex only in 4th place (37.34%). And if we consider the audience for the month, at least once Google used 88.38% of users, while Yandex (75.85%). Thus, there is nothing surprising if traffic from Google prevails in the statistics of Ukrainian websites. This is a pattern due to the behavioral factor of the inhabitants of Ukraine.

Auto Promotion for Google - Profit Hunter

As you noticed, Yandex by the traffic in 4th place among the users of Ukraine. Yes, and as my experience shows, traffic to all my Ukrainian sites is mainly from Google. This year, for the first quarter, for example, traffic from Google has averaged 69%.

Link exchanges and automated search engine promotion systems are very helpful in advancing queries. But they are all sharpened by Runet and Yandex. Rather, their functionality is more developed under the Runet. And how to promote websites for Google, and even for the Ukrainian segment? After all, this is not a small piece of the market.

Promoting requests for Ukrainian traffic is now possible with the Rookee system, which was the first on the market to release integrated automated functionality for Google . This functionality is in addition to Yandex, and therefore has all the relevant advantages.

"But what about the significant differences between Google and Yandex?”, - the question. The promotion under Google has its own characteristics, ranging from calculating the budget and setting the promotion goal, and ending with generating reports. But The creators of the service Roo kee took all this into account in the new functionality. What can be noted as an optimizer:

  • Automated budget calculation.
  • Goals (TOP 1,3,5,10).
  • Automated collection of positions by keywords, taking into account the region in Google Maps.
  • Reporting for analytics on Google promotion.
  • Technical audit I'm the most effective site optimization for Google.

At the moment, Roo kee is the only service that offers full-featured and high-quality functionality for promotion in the search engine Google .

I personally have been watching Rookee for a long time, working closely with it. , at least, the recent connection chip pr. sape to the system. The demand for eternal links is growing and becoming the rule of good taste. Who is the first to occupy this niche and give the best functionality will collect all the cream. Given that Rookee works with 9 link exchanges, I believe that it will immediately catch all the innovations and prospects.

This news has cheered me up. Finally, there is an automated tool for working with Ukrainian traffic. The Ukrainian segment is Klondike. It remains only to try out the new chip Roo kee and if it really works at the stated level, you can start using it.

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