Authoritative site, what is more important for website promotion?

Many optimizers and webmasters believe that traffic and the level of puzomerok are one of the most important indicators of the resources for which they are ranked by search engines.

When ranking websites, algorithms take into account a huge number of factors, including the popularity and credibility of resources.

The head of the technical department, Matt Cutts, constantly shares interesting information about SEO, it was he who addressed the question of who can rely on the leading position of issue. Optimization has no limit, but how are positions positioned if the site pages are 100% relevant?

Authoritative site, what is more important for website promotion?

What is more important for promotion?

When resources are promoted, optimizers try to focus on anchor promotion and improvement of behavioral factors, including by increasing attendance.

Matt claims that such sites are popular, but not necessarily authoritative. Among the authoritative resources are those sites that are more illuminate the selected topics.

Naturally, authority is made up of many other indicators, even of its popularity, but high attendance and a large number of links are not a guarantee of high positions.

Authoritative site, what is more important for website promotion?

At this point, links continue to work and when promoting and promoting websites they help to quickly achieve good positions, but Cutts noted that it is better to seek credibility, rather than a large number of links with key anchors.

Why? Because in the near future there should be serious changes in the search algorithms, after which the authoritative resources will be increased in issuance. In other words, not popular and highly visited sites will lead, but authoritative resources devoted to specific topics and having proved their stability.

On this basis, the authority of the site is more important than the popularity of , and webmasters need to think about promotion methods, because links sooner or later will no longer be considered one of the main ways of promotion and improvement of positions.

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