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Within the framework of the Daniel aka MaulNet contest I am publishing a photo of Audrey Hepburn, which I liked. Here the future star is not even a year.

Audrey Cutie - Profit Hunter

Children are the flowers of life , 38gadgets and Vyacheslav Kim.

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Audrey Hepburn Competition

Audrey Cutie - Profit HunterAudrey Cutie - Profit HunterAudrey Cutie - Profit HunterAudrey Cutie - Profit HunterAudrey Cutie - Profit Hunter (No ratings yet)

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Audrey Cutie - Profit Hunter


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  1. Already the language repulsed to talk about the “charms” of this competition, but this photo is clearly ... out of competition or something. And so good.

    Non-standard approach in the standard flow 🙂 Respect.

  2. charming baby doll =)

  3. Nice photo)
    thanks for the link 😉

  4. YES, small asterisk with an open mouth:)

  5. The girl was charming as a child.

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