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Attract traffic, pump up reference weight ... - Profit Hunter A couple of weeks ago, I received a sample of Social Submitter, which, according to the author, is able to add any site (or page from the site) to a bunch of social sites and bookmark sites in minutes ( in the base of the program there are 155 social programs).

Since the program does an excellent job with the tasks assigned to it , my impressions about it are especially positive (well, what else can I write if the software is really good? πŸ™‚)

Actually, you can familiarize yourself with the functions of the Social Submitter and even work with the demo version of the program (the trial lasts three days and posts three social networks β€” quite enough to understand what it is) to check my words. Therefore, in this review I will touch only those moments that I especially liked.

1. About the number of social networks I will not speak - it speaks for itself πŸ™‚ All sites are checked, everyone works. If any of the sites changes the posting algorithm, the developers immediately make the necessary changes to Social Submitter (just recently, there was another update of the program).

2. You do not need to enter data separately for each site - it’s enough to specify the login and password that you used when registering on the sites once, and click the Apply For All button, and the program will assign this data to all sites . (By the way, using the same login and password for all sites is very convenient. This is especially noticeable in the process of registering accounts πŸ™‚).

3. The program is also capable of checking the status of your accounts. You never know what happened there? Maybe the social sphere has died, and maybe the account has been banned. In any case, if your account does not have access to the site, you better know it.

4. As for the posting, when preparing a page for a submission, you just need to specify its address, click the Load Page button and the program will give you a title, description and tags. All you have to do is press the Submit Page button, and the bookmarks to your resource will appear on all sites that you select.

5. Social Submitter also finds outgoing links on the pages you select so that you can then bookmark the sites and pages where these links lead. Remember, in the Spring Marathon and on the pages of the blog, I have repeatedly said that in order for your account to live and be healthy for a long time, you need to post to it not only your own, but also other people's pages and sites? So this feature is what makes it possible for you to quickly find sites for posting and, by placing them in your bookmarks, increase the authority of your profile.

6. The program can collect all pages from your site, prepare them for posting and place bookmarks on sites. I use this function exclusively for parsing sites - how you will use it, you decide.

7. And, probably, the most important advantage of this program is that developers maintain constant feedback with clients . A bugtracker was created specifically for this, where each user of the program will be able to leave a message about detected problems and post their wishes regarding the addition of new functions and social sites.

That's all I wanted to say. As you can see, the thing in the household is necessary. Social Submitter has growth prospects (I alone puzzled the author with three or four ideas about improvements in functionality), so use the demo, and then decide whether you need it or not.

Well, as for me, additional visitors and back links are never superfluous πŸ˜‰

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