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Businessmen on the Internet should remember that there should be as much traffic sources as possible. Now not only social networks and search engines are suitable for this.

There are also narrower projects from which many clients come. At the same time, almost every large company has separate projects.

For example, Yandex and Mail have product catalogs from which buyers can also come. If you provide services or sell something on the Internet, taking Webmoney, be sure to consider the benefits of Megastock.

People often find interesting offers through this site, and if yours is higher than others, the influx of customers will be noticeable.

Attract customers from Megastock | Workion. ru

The idea for writing this article was born to me after one of my acquaintances asked "How to take first place on Megastock?". If you go to the first position in this directory, you can get a lot of buyers, but this is not so easy.

To raise the site on Megastock, you need to increase sales. A resource rating is compiled every 4 weeks, and the main criterion is the amount of funds received. Simply put, the more money a resource has collected, the higher its position.

When making a rating, all money is transferred to WMR at the current rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

If this is a website from which money is paid on the contrary, the scheme is reversed. Projects from the Earnings category and affiliate programs "and" P2P loans and debt services "are eligible. The rating in this section takes into account the total payments to users .

In the top positions here are most often there are large affiliate programs and popular services, such as:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

At least one of these sites you should have heard, some of them give out loans, and some of them allow you to earn money on the Internet. They are on the first page of the catalog , Consequently , the most payments to customers are made from them.

Attract customers from Megastock | Workion. ru

The Megastock catalog helps ordinary users find useful resources, and their owners provide additional traffic. It is difficult to bypass competitors, you will have to carry out the most operations , and it is hardly possible for a start-up entrepreneur.

Unless you try to wind up the indicators by conducting many transactions with fake buyers.

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