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A very interesting (and useful) contest called “Spread your blog” started in RuNet. Its author is Sergey Zhukovsky.

The task of the contestants is to share their ideas about blog promotion (of course, :)).

So I decided to insert my two pennies.

Since comments have already been written in sufficient detail and RSS feeds, articles, subscriptions, collaboration with other bloggers, etc. a lot, I will not dwell on this and go straight to the point.

To quickly and effectively promote a blog, in addition to the above, well It's a good virus. Something that will make a blog stand out from the crowd and make the name of its author recognizable.

This virus can be a good master class in which the blogger specializes. For example, an SEO expert can conduct a practical and visual course "How to bring a completely new website to the top of the mid-frequency for (specify the date)". A copywriter can declare that he can show how to write such advertising text that would provide a conversion of 4-5%. In general, the idea, I think, is clear.

The presence effect is created for the participant - as if he is standing behind the specialist’s back and watching his actions in real time. All this, of course, can and should be accompanied by forums, chats, and question-and-answer comments to provide feedback and be able to adapt to the needs of the participants literally on the go.

To turn the virus into an epidemic you need to create a fund, say, 500 cu. e. (the amount is conditional, but the more, the better it is, naturally) and find referrals — other bloggers who will send traffic to your blog. Alternatively, the fund can be divided depending on registered on the links of the participants. This is not important in this case.

Everybody wins. An ordinary participant gets excellent first-hand information, a referral realizes his financial interest, and a blogger, too, has a little something. receives traffic that can be converted into a subscription list without any problems, and secondly, and mainly, it confirms its status as a specialist in practice. It acquires NAME .

This idea is like and all others are not new and not original. It is used quite effectively in the West. I would be glad if someone from the readers picks it up and sells it here in Runet.

That seems to be all. Dare!

p. with. I will also try not to fall back and I will definitely make a master class on working in niches. However, talking about it is still a bit early. First you need to finish the Autumn Marathon, the original version of which, by the way, became wildly popular precisely because of a good virus.

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