Articles in plain language - is it bad? Which writing style is better?

After the blog opens, the author starts serious and long-term work related to the content of the resource. The basis of the success of each blog is high-quality content, but when it is developed by beginners, and sometimes by professionals, many questions arise.

Articles in "simple language" - is it bad? This question was asked to one of Google’s representatives, Matt Cutts. He immediately noted that the question was interesting and he had to think seriously before giving any comments on this matter.

Articles in plain language - is it bad? Which writing style is better?

Which writing style is better?

Given the importance of content in promotion, it is necessary to take into account absolutely all the subtleties associated with its creation. The most important thing that Matt Cutts highlighted is the need to interest the audience in his materials.

Regardless of the style in which the information is presented, first of all, it should attract readers and only in this case it will be possible to expect success .

In other words, when choosing between a simple language or a scientific one, you will need to define your target audience. Who visits your site? Schoolchildren or high-level professionals from a certain field?

Articles in plain language - is it bad? Which writing style is better?

The term "simple language" needs to be understood not just the information presented so that a sixth grader can get acquainted with it, but a certain style, in which the information will be easily assimilated by the target audience.

For example, if you have a blog for professional builders, you can use complex terms in it, this will not be a bad or good factor, the text will be directed to the target audience, and this is the most important thing.

Also, when answering this question, Matt said that when writing articles for his own blog, he tries not only to use the “simple language” for his visitors, but also reads each post aloud before posting it. He is sure that this method helps him to create clear texts and eliminate all difficult moments.

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